10 lines on Christmas in English, 10 Sentences About Christmas in English

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10 lines on Christmas in English for class 1 (SET-1)

  1. Christmas is the most popular holiday, and it is celebrated all over the world on December 25.
  2. Christmas is a happy holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.
  3. People lit up their homes and churches with bright lights to show that Jesus won over evil and brought light to the world.
  4. The evergreen Fir tree is used as a Christmas tree and is decorated with jewels, utensils, and gifts.
  5. People go to church at night on Christmas Eve to pray to Christ Jesus.
  6. People think about how Jesus saved them from their sins and troubles.
  7. People dressed up as Santa Claus and gave out gifts to the kids.
  8. The children also dress up as Santa Claus and give each other gifts.
  9. People are happier, wealthier, and closer to each other after Christmas.
  10. Christmas in the Holy Vatican City is a very peaceful and mesmerizing time.

10 lines on Christmas in English for class 2 (SET-2)

  1. Christmas is a well-known holiday that Christians celebrate.
  2. The 25th of December is when Christians celebrate this holiday.
  3. On this beautiful day of Christmas, Jesus was born. That’s why people celebrate it as a holiday.
  4. Christians celebrate Christmas by putting on shows and events and inviting people who live close by.
  5. At Christmas, people make a lot of tasty treats.
  6. On Christmas, people use special flags and stones to decorate their homes.
  7. The Christmas tree is also decorated by Christians.
  8. People think that Santa Claus brings gifts to the children on this day.
  9. Most children hang their stockings on the door to get gifts.
  10. For Christians, Christmas is a wonderful and holy holiday.

10 lines on Christmas in English for class 3 (SET-3)

  1. On the special day of Christmas, we remember that Jesus Christ was born.
  2. Every year, Christmas happens on December 25th.
  3. We love putting pretty lights on every part of the house and the Christmas tree.
  4. We have fun cookies to eat on this special day, and we also invite our friends.
  5. Christians pray to Jesus Christ at night and then wish each other a Merry Christmas.
  6. At Christmas, we have a holiday, which is why everyone in the family gets together.
  7. Kids help and support each other as they put flowers all over their homes.
  8. On this special day, the whole family sings songs together.
  9. Everyone enjoys Christmas, which is why they are all happy the whole day.
  10. Santa Claus brings gifts the next day, and the kids know Santa is their father.

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10 lines on Christmas in English for class 4 (SET-4)

  1. Christmas is the most important holiday for Christians.
  2. People get together on December 25 every year to celebrate Christmas.
  3. On this day, Christians put different things on the Christmas tree to make it look nice.
  4. On this day, lights and candles are put up in the churches.
  5. Jesus Christ was born on December 25.
  6. “Christmas” means “mass of Christ.”
  7. People have parties and eat special meals at Christmas.
  8. On the door is a unique light in the shape of a star.
  9. The most exciting thing about this festival is Santa Claus.
  10. Christmas is a time to show love and care for each other.

10 lines on Christmas in English for class 5 (SET-5)

  1. Christmas is a Christian holiday, but people of all religions now celebrate it.
  2. Jesus is a sign of love and peace, so the festival brings people from different religions and castes together.
  3. Every year, on December 25, we have Christmas.
  4. Jesus Christ was born on December 25.
  5. Christians believe that Jesus is god. The main things to look forward to on this day are the Christmas tree, the Christmas Carol, and Santa Claus.
  6. To get ready for Christmas, shopping malls and stores are decorated with red and white Christmas themes.
  7. The kids wait for Santa Claus to bring them gifts.
  8. This festival shows us how important it is to stick together and share the love.
  9. People are happy and excited during this event.
  10. People in different parts of the world celebrate Christmas in different ways.
  11. When people want to wish each other well, they say “Merry Christmas.”
  12. Without the “Christmas tree”, Christmas isn’t the same.
  13. People put lights and present on Christmas trees.
  14. Christmas Eve is the name for the night before Christmas.
  15. Schools also have a lot of fun at Christmas.
  16. Plum cakes, cupcakes, and muffins are homemade Christmas treats that have been around for a long time.
  17. People like getting together with family and friends for a party.
  18. On this day, a lot of people also go to church.
  19. Schools also have a lot of fun at Christmas.
  20. Everyone should be happy and share the message of love and togetherness during the festival.

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