10 lines on Eid in English,10 Lines About Eid-Ul-fitr

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10 lines on Eid 

  1. Eid is an essential Muslim festival.
  2. Along with many other nations around the world, India also celebrates it.
  3. It occurs the day after Ramadan, the following day.
  4. Muslims observe a 30-day fast during Ramadan.
  5. Throughout the day, people don’t eat or drink anything.
  6. In the evening, the fast is broken, and everyone eats together.
  7. People gather to pray at mosques or idgahs on the day of Eid.
  8. Lights and other decorations are placed in every mosque.
  9. Everyone gives hugs and bestows good wishes on one another after the prayers, or namaaz.
  10. Seviyan, sweet vermicelli, and other delicacies are prepared to celebrate the festival with loved ones.
10 lines on Eid
10 lines on Eid
  1. Eid Ul Fitr is the  largest holiday  celebrated  by the entire Muslim Ummah.
  2. The Muslims  break  their  one-month  fast  on this day along with their families and friends. 
  3. Prior to Eid, people make sure that the poor and needy can celebrate and eat properly. and for that reason, they make a sadaqah al-Fitr donation, also known as an Eid ul-Fitr gift. 
  4. Muslims gather in a mosque or an Eid Gah (a designated area for praying the Eid prayer) on the day of Eid and they invite one another to their house.
  5. The women produce a variety of cakes and food products. An extremely popular dish on Eid is biryani. Vermicelli and biriyani are typically prepared for guests by the majority of Indian and Pakistani families.
  6. They welcome relatives into their own homes and pay visits to their residences
  7. Three to seven days of official government holidays are observed to mark this occasion in the majority of Muslim countries.
  8. On this day, people say “Eid Mubarak” to one another. They band together to build a strong brotherhood.
  9. There is no longer any dislike or anger On this day and gifts are also given and received.
  10. For Muslims, Eid is the best day, and they rejoice greatly on this day.

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