Anti-Corruption Day Speech, Speech on Corruption

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Anti-Corruption Day Speech in English (300 words)

Corruption is a problem that is present in most of the world’s nations, and it represents a danger to the societies in which they live because of its widespread. It is a breach of the law, and as a result, there will be huge implications for society as a whole as a result of this. Anti-corruption is a strategy that takes an inter approach to tackling the problem of corruption and employs a wide range of strategies to do so. There are a great many organizations that, over the course of the last few decades, have been actively trying to fight corruption, and they continue to do so at this time.

There is a big issue with corruption, and its impact may be felt throughout the world’s economic system. The cost of corruption on a global basis is believed to be somewhere in the neighborhood of three trillion dollars each year, according to the latest estimates. In order to tackle the issue of corruption, numerous governments are utilizing a range of tactics, such as increasing the levels of openness, cutting back on wasted transfer payments, and enacting strict new laws.

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The single most important step that can be taken to lessen the possibility that corrupt practices will take place is to ensure that the government is kept in perfect condition at all times. This is the site where the attempts to fight corruption are actually put into motion. These are projects that have been designed with the intention of maintaining the integrity of state institutions and putting a stop to misconduct in the commercial world.

Anti-Corruption Day Speech
Anti-Corruption Day Speech


Fostering openness and accountability, advocating for effective governance, and elevating the level of public trust in governmental authorities are some of the anti-corruption strategies that can be used in a variety of different ways. These are just some of the anti-corruption tactics that can be used.

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Anti-Corruption Day Speech in English (500 words)


Anti-corruption organizations collaborate with private companies and public bodies to either prevent corrupt practices from occurring in the first place or, if they do take place, to identify them as soon as possible so that those who are responsible for them can be held accountable in some way.

In order to effectively address corruption in this increasingly interconnected world, there is a pressing requirement for increased levels of international collaboration. Since the beginning of the 1980s, the United Nations has been focusing its efforts on resolving this problem. There are a variety of entry points via which corrupt behavior can manifest itself. Bribery, favoritism toward family and friends, and other forms of cronyism are examples of some of these corrupt practices.

There is a pressing requirement for a local anti-corruption framework that is adaptable to various contexts. It is essential to create a system that is able to identify instances of corruption and respond appropriately with appropriate punishments. It is essential that the anti-corruption system be open and well-managed by a group of knowledgeable individuals who are able to recognize potential instances of corruption and take the necessary corrective actions.

The problem of corruption is one that is seen frequently in a great number of countries and organizations. The prevention of corruption is not an easy task, but there are some steps that you can take to ensure that it does not affect you in any manner.


India’s Anti-Corruption Day takes place every year on November 18. The celebration of International Anti-Corruption Day took place on December 9 at the Central Bureau of Investigation in New Delhi.


It is a significant day in the month of December, which includes a number of noteworthy days. The 9th of December in 2022 is designated as the day to observe International Anti-Corruption Day. It is observed to raise people’s awareness of the negative effects that corruption has on a nation, and the purpose of this celebration is to further this goal. Corruption has negative effects on many aspects of society, including health, education, justice, democracy, and economic growth. 

It should serve as a reminder to each one of us to actively speak out and fight against corruption in our own lives as well as in the lives of others. This year, the United Nations has designated “Recover with Integrity” as the topic for International Anti-Corruption Day (2022).


Take an active role in the deliberation and decision-making processes of your place of employment, the government, or a private company. Always put in the extra effort to ensure that the company you work for maintains a high standard of morality and transparency. 

Make sure you are well informed about the repercussions of corrupt behavior before it actually occurs. When someone asks for more money than what is typically given for a task or service, you should immediately raise your suspicions about the situation.


Implementing policies that are both open and accountable to the public is the most effective strategy to combat the problem of corruption. The personnel needs to be provided with well-defined instructions to follow in order for them to be aware of the tasks that fall under their purview. In addition, there needs to be a method in place for identifying any possible unethical behavior on the part of the staff members and for carrying out the necessary disciplinary measures against them.

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