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Bad Journalism Essay 300 words

The activities of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting scenarios in the world are known as journalism. It is important to let us know what is ongoing in the world, but sometimes journalism also raises several concerns, further leading the public to not trust the media and causing a lot of issues in society. The arising issue of bad journalism, also known as yellow journalism, is a significant reason that disturbs public trust. As for the motive of getting attention from the people and raising the TRP of television channels, they often show news stories that are exaggerated with catchy headlines, but in reality they are not real.

The rising issue of bad journalism is a reason for the disaffection between people. News channels often make the arguments worse by favouring one side without any valid arguments. We can easily see the division of society in religion and communities. Bad journalism is a threat to the democratic spirit of the country; it can damage the voting system of the country, as the media is also termed the 4th pillar of democracy. The serious and big concern about bad journalism is that it often spreads false and biased news, as news with catchy titles can spread much faster than others. Bad journalism can also lead to spreading false information about others to make people believe bad things about them because of their bias.

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Bad journalism is a concern that makes people doubt every piece of information in the news, and it has also become an obstacle in choosing a better leader for the future who can do something for the development of the country. We should always make sure that the platform from which we are getting the news is trusted or not. We should not rely on the news that spreads without.

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Bad Journalism Essay 700 words


Media, which is also called as the fourth pillar of democracy, plays a significant role in the development of the nation by providing unbiased news and by doing constructive criticism of government policies, but now days, people are using journalism only for the source of income and not for the betterment of society further leading the public to not trust the media and causing a lot of issues in society.

Bad Journalism Essay
Bad Journalism Essay

Types of bad journalism

Bad journalism is not something that can be done in a single way; journalists often choose various ways to do it. Some of them are stated below.

  1. Yellow journalism: It is done by exaggeration or sensationalism of news, is done by news channels and journalists to increase their TRP and sales, which means just to earn more profit.
  2. Click bait: It is also a type of bad journalism in which journalists use catchy headlines just to make the user click on the news and read the whole thing, which will ultimately increase their profit.
  3. Sensationalism: Another type of journalism is sensationalism, which aims to present socking and emotion-filled stories, which is also just for earning some profit and to be competitive in the market.
  4. Biased journalism: There is a major concern of biasness of media in the current world, as media houses do not provide balanced reports just to cater to specific ideological groups.

Characteristics of Bad Journalism

Bad journalism can be easily tracked; if we often notice some characteristics in the news that is published, we can easily categorize them as bad journalism. Some of them are

  1. Inaccuracy: in bad journalism, there should always be inaccuracies in the sources and even the facts of the information.
  2. Lack of verification: There should always be a lack of verification from reliable sources, which will further spread misinformation.
  3. Biasness: There should always be a visible and clear bias in reporting, as bad journalism favours a particular ideology.
  4. No accountability: Bad journalists often refuse to apologize if they have stated any false information, as there is a serious lack of accountability.

Consequences of bad journalism

Bad journalism always leads to serious and problematic consequences, as the spread of misinformation can easily hurt the peace in society, and we can also face some violent activities leading to erosion of trust.

  1. Misinformation: this is the most significant consequence of bad journalism, as it might spread misinformation, which will further damage public tranquilly.
  2. Loss of Trust: Bad journalism often has the habit of spreading misinformation, which will result in a loss of public trust, and the people living in society will face several difficulties in forming an opinion.
  3. Polarization: It means making a division in society into two groups or two ideologies, which media houses are doing to a great extent.
  4. Manipulation: Bad journalism can easily manipulate anyone by showing exaggerated facts. Various interest groups often use the media as a tool to manipulate the people.

Causes and factors contributing to bad journalism

Bad journalism is not done just to earn profit; instead, there are also several other causes that contribute to bad journalism. Some of them are:

  1. Economic pressure: The traditional media has faced a loss of revenue from advertisement due to the fact that they use click bait and sensationalism to gain more attention from people.
  2. Lack of literacy: if the audience who is following the journalist is misinformed and does not have the ability to verify things by themselves, it will lead to more attention and engagement in bad journalism.
  3. Lack of resources: some of the media houses and journalism have limited resources, so they cannot complete their investigations and research in depth, leading to the spread of misinformation.
  4. Editorial choices: some of the editors decisions include bias,  whether personal or organizational, but it leads to bad journalism.

Efforts to Combat Bad Journalism

  1. Fact-Checking Organizations: There are several fact-checking organizations that check the published facts of various media houses to show the public whether the facts they are believing are true or not.
  2. Media ethics: journalists must follow the ethics of the media and the journalist code of conduct issued by the Press Council of India to encourage transparency and combat bad journalism.
  3. Public Pressure: There should always be public pressure on the media houses, and the public should be well versed in the knowledge of politics and what is happening in the world so they can pressurize the media to follow the code of conduct.


In a world where information is everywhere,  there is an extreme need to protect against the spreading of fake information. Responsible journalism is necessary; without it, a democratic country will strive to maintain its democracy. Let us make efforts to double-check the facts of sensational news before believing it, to ensure that the media continues to serve the truth, and to become accountable for what they are showing to the public.

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