Essay on Chhath puja in English

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Essay on Chhath puja in English 100 words

The Chhath festival is one of the festivals people in Nepal and other parts of India celebrate. This festival started in the Madhesi groups of Nepal and the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal in India. It is a Hindu festival celebrated mainly by Mithila and Madhesi people in Nepal. The festival lasts four days, from Kartik Shukla Chaturthi to Kartik Shukla Saptami. It usually happens in October or November. The primary purpose of the celebration is to thank the sun and Chhathi Maiya for their blessings, for making the wish come true, and for wealth and health.

Essay on Chhath puja 150 words

On the Shukla Paksha of Kartik, as stated by the Hindu calendar, the Chhath Puja ceremony is carried out. Chhath Puja is a significant festival celebrated in the states of UP and Bihar in India. People will fast for three days in combination with this Puja. 

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Her worshippers highly regard Chhati Mata in the hope of receiving blessings from her. The requirements for accomplishing this fast are pretty strict. The two most important Prasad for this Puja are the Khasta and the Thekua. Chhath Puja typically takes place on the banks of rivers or other bodies of water. 

Worship of both the sun as it is rising and as it is setting takes place during this Puja. It is a common belief that those who witness this fast will have all of their wishes granted to them. People look forward to watching this Puja every year and celebrate the occasion with much happiness.

Essay on Chhath puja in English
Essay on Chhath puja in English

chhath puja essay in english 200 words

Since the time of the Mahabharat, the Chhath pooja has been an important religious ritual. Draupadi, the wife of the five Pandavas, could heal any illness, and the cause for her power was her commitment to Lord Surya. People believe that being in the sun can heal anything.

The divine energy from the sun was the leading cause of Draupadi’s ability to heal any disease. They also offered prayers of thanks to Lord Surya, believing that he was responsible for the peaceful passage of their banishment. As a result, in order to remember these instances, the Chhath festival, in which worship of Lord Surya is performed, is celebrated.

During this festival, people pray to Chhath Mata. In addition, Argha is presented to the sun alongside fresh milk and the cow’s water. The first day of this festival, which lasts four days, is known as Nahay-Khaya. The Kharna ritual takes place on day two. On the third day, there is a custom that calls for offering argha as the sun goes down in the evening. On the final day of the ceremony, the Argha is brought as a sacrifice to the rising sun.

Essay on Chhath puja in English 300 words

Introduction – The Chhath Puja is one of the most critical events in the northeastern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This festival occurs during the Shukla paksha on the sixth month of Kartika (a Hindu month). It is a yearly celebration because it is such a wonderful occasion. People fast for a total of three days in order to participate in this Puja. Either a man or a woman can carry it out successfully. Chhati Mata is the deity that devotees pray to have their wishes granted.

An Occasion for the Exercise of Faith – There is a common belief that whoever chooses to accept this fast and pray to Chhati Mata will have all of their wishes granted. People also believe that Lord Surya had a sister named Chhath Mata, and because of this, they pray to Lord Surya to win over his sister. People observe this fast to have their desires granted. In order to successfully complete this fast, one must adhere to a significant number of rules and guidelines.

The people who follow these rules have smiles on their faces even though they are very strict. They go three days without eating, but they still manage to keep a smile on their faces. They can keep their fast for such a long period because, in reality, it is a festival celebrating their faith.

Conclusion – India is home to numerous festivals following a different set of religious teachings. Also included in this category is the Chhath puja. Every year, on the sixth day after Diwali, people gather to celebrate this event, and we count ourselves blessed to be able to take part in it.

Essay on Chhath puja 500 words

Introduction – The Indian festival months are October and November. Many festivals happen all the time, and Chhath puja is one of them. It follows Diwali, which occurs on Kartika’s Amavasya (a Hindu month). The festivals after Diwali are Dhanteras, Naraka Chaturdashi, Diwali (Lakshmi Puja), Govardhan Puja, Bhai Dooj, Tulsi Vivah, and Chhath Puja on the sixth day.

What is the most interesting about Chhath Puja?

It is a traditional festival, and one of the best things about it is the conventional prasad cooked just for this event. People love to eat Khasta and Thekua, the two most important Prasad for this event.

It seems like a massive celebration because everyone in the family participates and helps each other get ready. On these three days, people should wear clean, new clothes. Most importantly, you can’t eat the prasad until the Puja is over, which is after three days.

Many people gather around a river, pond, or lake for this event, and I love being a part of it. It’s really a great time and one of the most-anticipated festivals.

Why do Hindus worship Chhath Mata?

Chhath Mata gives people wealth, children, and everything else. She makes our desires come true and blesses those who worship her. Humans have a strong faith, which is why they celebrate this event every year with great sincerity. She brings joy and happiness into our lives, which is something we all love.

When people see how happy others are after doing this Puja, they want to do it themselves starting the following year. It is another reason why it is becoming more and more popular.

Stories about why we celebrate Chhath Puja

We celebrate this day for many reasons, and I’ll tell you some of them below. People think that when the Pandavas lost everything, it was Draupadi who fasted and got everything back. Karna, the son of Surya, also prayed to Lord Surya, which is how he learned these important lessons. When Ramji and Sita Ji returned from banishment, they also fasted for three days and prayed to Chhath Mata.

The King’s name was Priyavrat, which was unfortunate because he didn’t have any children. Then, Maharshi did a Yagya and requested the King to give the kheer from the Yagya to the King’s wife. Her husband’s wife ate it, but it was dead when their infant was born. When the King went to the funeral home to say goodbye to his son, he was so sad that he wished to kill himself. Suddenly, a woman named Devsena, also known as Shasti or Chhati, came and asked the King to pray to Chhath Mata rather than kill himself. He just decided to give the person one more chance. Soon, he was gifted a boy, making him very happy.


Festivals make us happy, so we should celebrate them with energy. We have the same festivals yearly, but we still look forward to them. We make arrangements, go shopping, and attend a festival. The entire country celebrates the event and enjoys themselves with family and friends. 


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