Essay on Friendship in English, Friendship Essay

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Essay on Friendship in English 100 Words

Friendship is an unselfish connection between two people. God’s blessing is having a friend you can rely on even when you’re not looking. Friendship is a committed relationship in which both parties give each other the same amount of time, attention, and care. People interact with many different members of the public when they are young, and they make a lot of friends.

But as time goes on, there are hardly more than one or two genuine friends who stick by you. Every year on the first Sunday in August, Friendship Day is observed. Indeed, there is a reason why this day is devoted to friendship. According to legend, the US government once murdered a man who had a friend who had killed himself after losing his friend. This day was designated Friendship Day in America in 1935 to honor the depth of their friendship, marking the start of the holiday. 

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Friendship Essay in English 200 Words

Friendship is a bond based on shared care, love, and trust between two people or a small group of people. Friendship is independent of both gender and age. Even those with significant age gaps and disparities in gender have been known to form close friendships. For instance, it’s entirely possible that your grandmother is your best friend whether you’re a boy or a girl.


Essay on Friendship in English
Essay on Friendship in English


No matter your friend’s age, caste, culture, or religion, I firmly believe that friendship always brings happiness and joy. It serves as a channel for communication with someone you adore, allowing you to express your happiness, sorrow, and even secrets. The most important relationship in life is friendship, as opposed to many other important ones. No one of us has a full and content life if we don’t have reliable friendships. Everyone needs a reliable friend they can confide in for both happy and sad occasions as well as challenging life experiences. Human interaction must be healthy and balanced for everyone’s survival. Good friends share each other’s feelings, which makes them feel better and gives them mental satisfaction. A friend is someone you can know well, like, and trust completely.

Essay on Friendship in English 300 Words

True friends are truly given to someone special in life. The only thing that exists in a true friendship between two people—or more—is trust—no demands are made. When a friendship is genuine, one is always willing to provide the other with care, assistance, and other necessities. Everybody needs friends because they help those in need by providing them with love, care, and emotional support. Friends play a significant role in this. Any age group, sex, position, race, or caste can form friendships with two or more other people. However, friendship typically develops between individuals who are of a similar age. 

Some people are able to maintain their childhood friendships for the rest of their lives, but others must take a break because of miscommunication, a lack of time, or other issues. Some people have a tendency to have a lot of friends when they are in kindergarten or primary school but only one or none as they get older. Some people tend to have just one or two friends, whom they wisely keep in their later years. Both inside and outside the family, such as a neighbor, relative, or another family member, can become friends.

Friends can be of two different types: good or bad. Good friends lead us down the right path, whereas bad friends lead us down the wrong path. We can see how detrimental bad friends can be to us because they have the power to completely derail our lives. We need a special person in our lives to laugh with when we’re feeling down, talk to when we’re lonely, share our feelings (happy or sad), and do a variety of other things. We are more driven to work hard and have an easier time smiling through challenging times when we are with our friends.

Friendship Essay in English for Class 10 (500 Words)

Different kinds of relationships exist between us and those around us. We have a blood connection with a select few of them, such as our family, while with others, we forge our own connections. One type of relationship we choose for ourselves is friendship. God has granted us the freedom to select our friends because, for the most part, they last a lifetime. Initially a stranger, a friend is someone who rises to the top of all other connections. One of the greatest treasures that anyone can possess is friendship.

Role of a Friend 

Our lives wouldn’t be complete without our friends. We should treat our friends with love and respect, just as we would want them to treat us, in order to forge deep, genuine friendships. The friendship will endure longer if this is done. The following list includes some examples of how friendships play a role in success:

  • uplifting and inspiring
  • Making a comfortable space
  • Communicating honestly and hearing each other out
  • Sharing secrets and being dependable bring joy to life
  • Compassion and unwavering love
  • Promoting individual growth
Best Characteristics of a Good Relationship

The adage “A friend in need is a friend indeed” is well-known. It implies that while we may have many friends during times of prosperity, many turn on us during difficult times. In our difficult times, we can assess a friend’s sincerity. Only an honest and loyal friend stays by our side during difficult times. Everyone else deserts us. Friendship is forged through mutual sacrifice, love, faith, and concern. The following are some characteristics of a good friendship:

  • Sincere and reliable
  • Tolerant and dependable
  • Non-judgemental
  • Supportive
  • Uplifting and energizing
  • Forgiving
  • Generous and helpful
Famous Friendship Stories from Indian Mythology

There are numerous examples of true friendship in Indian mythology. The tale of Krishna and Sudama is one that we have all heard. Sudama was a destitute brahman. His financial situation deteriorated to the point where he was unable to buy food for his family. He then made the decision to travel to Dwarka to meet Krishna, a childhood friend. He asked the gatekeeper to let him meet Krishna when he got to Dwarka. The gatekeeper refused to let him in because of his filthy attire.

But he repeatedly asked the gatekeeper to let Krishna know that his old friend was waiting for him. Finally, the gatekeeper showed him mercy and told Krishna. As soon as Krishna heard of Sudama’s arrival, he hurried over and gave him a warm welcome. He gave him a great deal of wealth, which was yet another financial assistance. In various forms, similar stories of friendship are told in Indian mythology. The connections between Krishna and Arjun, Ram and Sugreeva, and Karna and Duryodhana are just a few of them.

 Without a doubt, our closest friends support us during difficult times and difficult situations in life. Friends always try to protect us from harm and offer useful guidance when necessary. Since they share our grief, ease our suffering, and spread joy, true friends are like the best assets in our lives.

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