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Essay on Pandemic Without Computers 150 words

At this point in history, information is the driving force behind and the key to development. Before computers were commonplace, most people had no idea what they were missing. During the Pandemic, we learned just how vital computers are to our survival. People were unable to interact with one another in any meaningful way due to the Pandemic.

One way that workers avoided downturns was by working together through the computer. We couldn’t have managed our workload without the computer. We would not have been able to run businesses or run schools during the pandemic if not for computers. No schools would have been able to accommodate all of the children who needed to learn.

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It’s likely that many businesses would have closed, putting hardworking people out of work and adding to the poverty rate. The convenience of having a computer around lets us go about our daily lives generally despite the Pandemic. Without computers, dealing with a pandemic would be impossible.

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Is it even humanly feasible to get by in this day and age without some sort of technological assistance? The Covid 19 pandemic was thought to have been started by a computer. No one ever imagined they would one day be utterly dependent on electronic devices like laptops. The availability of computers at people’s places of work and organizations was crucial to their ability to continue working and attending school during the pandemic caused by Covid 19. 

The usage of computers during the epidemic had a lot of positive consequences that ultimately improved the situation. People began conducting economic activity online, which resulted in an increase in revenue and, consequently, helped to improve people’s standard of living. Because of the rise in income, people’s standard of living also rose, whereas if we didnt have access to computers during the Pandemic, all this would have been impossible. An improvement in the national economy may be traced back to the rise in computer usage, which in turn boosted international trade. There are also negative aspects of using computers, such as lime drains and a plethora of distractions like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, which cause individuals, especially teenagers, to lose focus. 

Too much screen time has negative consequences on children’s mental and physical development. During the epidemic, many men and women worked on computers; within a few months, many of them reported health issues related to their employment, including back discomfort, pains, poor posture, and more. It is difficult to fight the epidemic without the help of computers, yet we should nevertheless aim to minimize our reliance on them to avoid unforeseen consequences.

Essay on Pandemic Without Computer
Essay on Pandemic Without Computer

Essay On Pandemic Without Computers 300 Words

In March 2020, it was determined that COVID-19 had reached epidemic proportions. People would not be able to conduct their work from the convenience of their own homes in order to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 epidemic if they did not have access to computers because the pandemic has spread throughout the world. 

The use of computers came to be recognized as an essential component of everyday life as time went on. Whether it be conducting business online, educating children, or any one of a variety of other activities, computers have become an essential component in the completion of the errands that ensure the smooth functioning of our lives. People would not be able to engage in social interaction with their loved ones who live far away if they did not have access to computers since they would not be able to make video calls. 

Utilizing a computer during a pandemic could provide a number of benefits in the event that they are realized. One might potentially develop new skills by taking part in a range of online training programs and courses. Online shopping was chosen by customers all over the world because it offered greater flexibility and lower prices compared to conventional shopping at stores made of brick and mortar. If people did not have access to computers, then the range of things that could be purchased on the internet would be significantly more limited. 

And all of this, plus a lot more, is possible because of computers. Without it, none of this would have been possible to accomplish. In addition, there are negative impacts that can be brought about in humans as a result of excessive usage of computers. According to a number of studies, extended use of a computer can result in eyestrain, which can exhibit itself in a variety of ways, ranging from mild irritation to total blindness.

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pandemic without computers essay 500 Words


In the year 2020, a devastating disease, later dubbed Covid 19, swept throughout the globe. Businesses, industries, schools, and centers, among others, shut down as a direct result of the outbreak, leaving people without access to essential services like food and money. Food grain shortages resulted from this. 

People began conducting their professional activities via computers and the internet to circumvent the issue of scarcity and shortage. Before personal computers were commonplace, few people could have imagined actually being able to “work from home.” Without computers, it would have been far more challenging for people to fulfill their obligations.


Students all throughout the world used computers connected to the internet to continue their studies despite the epidemic that hit in the year 2020. This went on until the epidemic was stopped. Teaching new material to humans would have been far more challenging if the concept of the computer hadn’t been invented at all. Due to concerns about the spread of disease, the youngsters were not permitted to attend conventional schools and were instead forced to pursue their education via online courses. It left just the option of attending classes online.

There are benefits to using a computer, but there are also drawbacks. Two of these drawbacks are the damage done to one’s eyesight from prolonged computer use and the potential harm done to one’s health from the radiation given out by one’s computer. These drawbacks are a natural consequence of spending an excessive amount of time in front of a computer.


Due to the extensive spread of the disease produced by the pandemic known as COVID 19, there was a time when people were afraid to go out in public or invite anyone into their homes. The rapid spread of the disease brought forth by COVID-19 has sparked this level of concern.

Attempting to avert further economic decline, workers around the world have turned to using computers and laptops to carry out their duties. Without the advent of computers, the working class would have been subjected to far more difficulty, which would have inevitably resulted in the loss of jobs and the closure of businesses.

As a result, fewer people would be employed, and fewer buildings would be needed. Because of the complete breakdown in society and means of communication brought on by the epidemic, computers were an integral part of the response.


It’s clear that the pandemic was a significant factor in the demise of many enterprises, but the widespread adoption of even modest computer and internet use was responsible for the development of many more. Many business owners realized they needed to change in order to survive, so they moved their operations online, where they have since seen a significant uptick in profits. 

As a result, they were able to keep more of their own money. A thriving online marketplace where people could buy food and other necessities would not have existed if computers were not available during the pandemic. People’s lives would be put in jeopardy as a direct result of the high unemployment rate. When a pandemic hits, computers help keep the economy from collapsing and save lives by keeping track of the sick and the dying (Covid19).


If we did not have access to computers while the epidemic was going on, not only would we be unable to make any academic progress, but we also would not be able to continue working from the comfort of our own homes, which would be a significant inconvenience. In the effort to eradicate the disease, the utilization of computer technology has proven to be of critical significance.

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