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Subedar Joginder Singh Essay 100 words

Subedar Joginder Singh was born on September 28th, 1921, in the rural village of Mahla Kalan. Because his father’s name was Sher Singh, he took up the meaning of his name at birth in addition to the name itself. In 1962, when China and India were at war, Subedar Joginder Singh was one of the brave sons who gave his life as an example of how brave people can be. He is remembered as one of the sons with the most courage. He was one of three brave Indian Army soldiers who were awarded the highest rank in the Indian military.

Subedar Joginder Singh Essay 200 words

The date of Subedar Joginder Singh’s birth was September 28, 1921, and he was born in the village of Mahla Kalan, which is located in the state of Punjab and near the town of Moga. Both of his parents, Sher Singh Sahnan and Krishan Kaur, were farmers, and the property on which they worked belonged to the family.  Sher Singh Sahnan was the head of the household. On September 28, 1936, immediately following his successful completion of the tenth-grade examination with flying colours, he enrolled in the First Sikh Army of the British Indian army. During that time, he was based out of India.

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After Joginder had completed all of his training, he was quickly sent to Burma. There, he did very well for the army, which resulted in a promotion for him. After India was granted its freedom, its men were moved to Srinagar, where they fought the Pakistani tribal forces that had entered Kashmir in 1947 and 1948. This conflict took place after India was finally granted its independence. After Pakistan launched attacks on Kashmir in 1947 and 1948, this took place. This conflict broke out in the new nation after India had already been free for a long period of time.

Essay on Subedar Joginder Singh
Essay on Subedar Joginder Singh

Subedar Joginder Singh Essay in English 300 words

Joginder Singh was born on September 28th, 1936, and he joined the Indian Army on September 28th, the same day that he reached 28 years old and became ready for military service. As soon as Subedar Joginder held to grab hold of his station, Chinese forces violently attacked his unit, which led to the loss of half of his men as victims. As a direct result of this, Subedar Joginder was injured multiple times as a result of this. On the other hand, he was keen on maintaining his current position in the organisation. As a reaction to this, his unit finally found itself fighting on the side of the different forces.

The Chinese army kept pushing forward, but Joginder Singh’s squad continued to engage in battle with them the entire time. Throughout the whole of this fight, Sub Joginder was the head of the unit right up until the very minute when he gave his final breath. He continued to fire at the enemy until there were no more bullets left. He then put the gun away.

The film Subedar Joginder Singh is a tribute to the late Sub Joginder Singh Sahnan and was created in the Punjabi language. The film also has a number of other famous actors and actresses who also performed roles in the movie and gave their respect to the brave soldiers who served in the Indian Army by dedicating their respect to the film.

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Essay on Subedar Joginder Singh 500 words

Subedar Joginder Singh’s early life and career

On September 26th, 1921, in the state of Punjab, British India, Joginder Singh was born. The same village was his home during his childhood. His family was agricultural and had moved from the village to the Moga district at some point. His father, Sher Singh Sahnan, was a member of this family. Bibi Krishan Kaur Bhela was the name of his mother. 

Joginder Singh wed Bibi Gurdyal Kaur Banga, a member of a Saini family from a village close to Kotkapura. Bibi Gurdyal Kaur Banga was Joginder Singh’s wife. In the village of Nathu Ala, he went to primary school, and in the village of Daroli, he attended middle school. He came to the understanding that joining the military would provide him with an “identity and purpose,” thus he made the decision to join.

Pursuit of a Career in the Military

After joining the British Indian Army on September 28, 1936, Singh was posted to the 1st unit of the Sikh Army as soon as he arrived. Soon after he joined the army, he realised that education was something he was very interested in, and he quickly completed and passed the Army Education Examination. After that, he was promoted to the position of Unit Education Teacher. During the Second World War, he saw action on the Burma front. Later, during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947–1948, he was posted in Srinagar.

The award of the Param Vir Chakra was given to him!

Subedar Joginder Singh was presented with the Param Vir Chakra, which is Independent India’s highest honour for military bravery during times of conflict, in celebration of the outstanding example of bravery and unshakable national pride that he set. His award finishes with the following line: “Throughout the action, Subedar Joginder Singh showed devotion to duty, inspiring leadership, and bravery of the highest order.”

Even the Chinese Army, in a rare display of respect, recognised his bravery and courage in battle by returning his ashes to India with respect to all matters on May 17, 1963. This was the first time that this had been done. After some time had passed, his ashes were finally given to his widow Gurdial Kaur and his small children during an emotional ceremony that took place at the Sikh Army Centre in Meerut.


The man known as Subedar Joginder Singh was a powerful individual who had a will that was firm and immovable. Because of the great fighting talents, he held as well as the perfect discipline he maintained, he was held in very high regard within the unit. As a result, he was able to enjoy a high level of respect.

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