How I Spent My Winter Vacation Essay

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How I Spent My Winter Vacation Essay 100 Words

Winter has always been my favorite season for a number of exciting reasons. Winter vacation is one of them. Today I’ll share my recent winter vacation experience. I followed a strict schedule in order to prepare for my upcoming exam. My mother was extremely helpful in this endeavor.

She assisted me in developing my routine and guided me in its proper implementation. We also had a family reunion. That was absolutely incredible for us. Uncle and Aunties were overjoyed to see us all. In the afternoon, we played and ate together. Grandma told us a few of her fascinating stories. We enjoyed her stories. Overall, it was a pleasant vacation.

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How I Spent My Winter Vacation Essay 200 Words

Due to a few issues, winter vacation isn’t as long or as enjoyable as it could be. But, after all, it’s a vacation full of excitement. Every year, winter vacation allows you to spend quality time with your family. My final exam was coming up. So, during my vacation, I needed to study for the exam. That was extremely difficult because it was difficult to concentrate. But my mother assisted me in developing a really interesting daily routine. I decided to follow that routine and was able to finish and revise my syllabus in a short amount of time. Mom has been fantastic during this vacation.

How I Spent My Winter Vacation Essay
How I Spent My Winter Vacation Essay

After studying for my exams, I went to my uncle’s place, which was a fun experience. We have many cousins and have a lot of fun when we get together. They were overjoyed to see me. My parents were also enjoying themselves with my uncle and aunty. We spent a lot of time with Grandma, who told us many interesting stories. Despite the stress of studying, I had a wonderful time with my entire family. Because of my hectic school schedule, it’s difficult for me to spend that much time with them. I have to go to school every day and stick to a strict schedule. Winter vacation allowed us to spend quality time together. It was one of the best winter vacations I’ve ever had. 

Essay on How I Spent My Winter Vacation 300 words

Winter is my favorite season for several reasons. For me, this season brings cold and freshness. Despite the fact that this is a short vacation, I had a great time with my friends, family, and cousins. At this time of year, we used to take a family trip or have a family reunion. One of the most important aspects of a winter vacation is Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. It becomes a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get together and have a great time. 

I and my cousins don’t get to see each other very often because everyone is busy with their hectic schedules, so vacations are like a blessing to us. When we all get together, we spend a lot of time together. It is important to spend time with family. But, because everyone is so busy nowadays, we need to find vacations and other holidays to meet and greet. During my winter vacation, I had the opportunity to see my uncles, aunts, and cousins. I didn’t want to blow that opportunity. During my winter vacation, we spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve at one of my uncle’s homes. We all got together there as cousins and had a great time. 

I told my father, and he agreed with me. We finally decided to spend our vacation at Uncle’s house. The entire extended family gathered in one place and had a great time together. I enjoyed our entire time together. Overall, it was a fantastic vacation for me. I’ll never forget that vacation. I wish I could spend that much time with my cousins and my entire family. I adore winter and winter vacations. 

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Essay on winter vacation 500 words


Winter is a lovely season with pleasant weather, as compared to the hot and humid heat of summer. The winter season’s specialties cannot be denied. A vacation during this season is not only enjoyable for children but also for adults. It is a short vacation, but people plan ahead of time to make the most of it. Because I adore this time of year, I eagerly anticipate this vacation every year. Furthermore, I am overjoyed that during the holidays, I can eat a variety of foods prepared by my mother and served hot.

Exam Preparation: 

I needed to study for my final exam, which is coming up soon. That’s why I established a study routine and brought a few books with me. That routine helped me finish the syllabus, and I was mostly successful in sticking to the routine during the vacation. My mother deserves full credit. She was very strict about my homework. However, I also thought to take a break for a few days and therefore tried to complete most of the syllabus in the early days of my vacation.

We planned a trip

We had planned to spend some days at our uncle’s house during my winter vacation. Because my uncle lives in a small village in Uttrakhand, this was a very special journey for me. I’d heard that people visit mountainous areas in the winter to enjoy the snowfall. They also enjoy sports such as cycling, ice hockey, and skating. My uncle’s house was in a small village, but I was glad that I would be able to see the beauty of winters in the mountains that I had read about in books.

So here we go, my father purchased the tickets earlier because the chances of getting confirmed seats were decreasing. On the scheduled date, we began packing and headed to the station to board our train. It took us 13 hours to get to Uttrakhand from where we were. I was very excited to get there and see the undulating beauty. We finally arrived, and my uncle was waiting for us. I was overjoyed to see that place, which appeared to be a mini-paradise for someone like me who lived in the plains.

We made it to the village and then home. My uncle’s house wasn’t particularly large, but I adored it. I brought my cousin brothers and sister with me, making a total of five children. This was going to be the most interesting vacation for me. My aunt cooked the food over an open fire. We sat around the fire, enjoying its warmth. The food there tasted delicious as if I had never tasted anything like it before.

Explored the mountains:

We made plans to explore the surrounding areas in the morning. The pleasant weather and views of snow-capped mountain peaks all around made it a charming location. I spent a lot of time walking and admiring nature’s ardent beauty. There was very little pollution in the air over there. I had also seen snow-covered mountains and thoroughly enjoyed the snowfall. It was the best location for taking beautiful pictures, so we took several of my uncle’s family together.

The next day, we planned to visit various temples in the valley. It was incredible that such a small valley had so many temples. I also noticed that the people in that area were very friendly. A bonfire was lit in the verandah area of the house during the evening, and we used to sit around it and play games. Only in the evening would the dinner preparations begin. People used to sleep and wake up early in the morning because it was a village. We returned after three days. Despite the fact that the trip was short, it allowed me to refresh my mind and focus more on my studies.


It became an unmistakable memory in my mind, and I wish to return every winter vacation. I enjoyed spending time with my uncle’s children. Even today, the thought of the beauty of that place and the taste of the food served makes me happy on the inside.

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