Human Rights Day Essay in English, Essay on Human Rights Day

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Human Rights Day Essay in English (150 words)

Human Rights Day is celebrated around the world every year on December 10. On the same day as Human Rights Day in 1948, the United Nations did things that were new and important for global communication. Human Rights Day is the day that the United Nations passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Human Rights Day is celebrated every year with a number of events.

The things people do every day should promote and safeguard human rights. Taking a stand for basic human rights is a holy act that will make the world a better place to live. Youth works hard to bring about change, so it’s essential for them to take part in Human Rights Day. Human rights should be taught to children at a young age so that the world can have a better future. On Human Rights Day, different events are held to help everyone reach community growth. Human rights have been put at the center of what the United Nations tries to do.

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Human Rights Day Essay
Human Rights Day Essay

Human Rights Day Essay in English (200 words)

Every year, on December 10th, people all across the world celebrate Human Rights Day. People of widely different cultures, sexes, religions, castes, colors, races, languages, and so on are educated about their fundamental rights on the international holiday known as Human Rights Day. On this day, supporters and protectors of human rights gain respect and the ability to make their voices heard. People have the right to basic human rights because they do not discriminate in any way, and nobody is left out of the opportunity to enjoy those rights.

The problem, however, is that not every person has the same opportunity to enjoy their fundamental human rights, despite the fact that every human being is titled to them. On the occasion of Human Rights Day, a number of brilliant awards shows are held to respect the contributions of people. The struggle against poverty is one of the most significant obstacles in the field of human rights. The celebration and observance of Human Rights Day are compulsory in order to bring attention to the work that individuals are doing to further the cause of economic development.

People who do not currently enjoy the same level of equal rights as others, such as members of minority populations, women, people with disabilities, and the poor, need to be inspired to fight for these rights. Participation in Human Rights Day by younger generations will boost the voices of the wider public and result in major change.

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Human Rights Day Essay in English (300 words)


Human rights are the basic freedoms, rights, and rights to which everyone is entitled. They are written down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is something that most of the rest of the world agrees on. Human Rights Day, a big international holiday, is a time to remember when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed. Every year on December 10, the UN General Assembly holds a day to honor and draw attention to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The National Human Rights Commission, volunteers, and other government groups all over India mark the day. The main goal is to get people to know about fundamental rights and the rights that everyone has. Children are also given a chance to compete in things like painting contests and essay writing contests. The theme was chosen so that the kids would learn more about human rights. Not only the NHRC and political parties take part in the events, but people from all walks of life and a number of government departments do so with great enthusiasm.


The idea of protecting human rights is fundamental to the functioning of the Indian government and society as a whole. In the course of its long and eventful history, India has never once attempted to subjugate other people on the basis of their culture, religion, or any other criteria. The people of India have a deep regard for human rights and have also made a commitment to uphold and defend them. The term “human rights” refers to the fundamental liberties and protections to which every individual should be entitled only because they are humans.

Essay on Human Rights Day 1000 words


Human rights are essential to maintaining peace around the globe. Since this is the case, the United Nations has made it a top priority to address them. The protections guaranteed by these laws forbid discrimination in every sphere of society. Human rights are the fundamental freedoms we are afforded to ensure our safety and well-being.

They apply to everyone equally regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, age, or country of origin. The right to one’s life is paramount, and those that make one’s existence valuable come closely behind: the right to enough nutrition, an adequate standard of living, gainful employment, good health, and personal autonomy.


Human Rights Day celebrates the 10th of December, 1948, when the General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Resolution 423 was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1950. (V). Human Rights Day (Dec. 10) was designated in the resolution, which all member nations had signed. It was one of the first things the UNUN’s first accomplishments in 1945. For Human Rights Day, a resolution was passed with the support of 48 states and the absence of 8.


Now that we know what human rights are and why we should celebrate them let’s read a brief article on Human Rights Day to learn why we should. The purpose of celebrating Human Rights Day is to call attention to people’s inherent worth and dignity. As such, it serves as a timely reminder of the continued effort required to secure fundamental liberties. Human Rights Day is a helpful reminder of the significance of protecting people’s fundamental liberties. Those who battled for the liberties we now enjoy are honored today.

At the same time, it’s a reminder of the progress we’ve made as a species and a call to protect the fundamental liberties of all people. Human Rights Day is observed on December 10 to honor the memory of those who have lost their lives defending human rights and to teach current and future generations the value of these protections.


Protection of human rights is a prerequisite for living an entire and satisfying existence. Numerous benefits from them: Essential as they are, human rights prevent abuse of power and ensure that everyone has a fair shot in life.

Human rights help everyone, especially those from less fortunate backgrounds, move forward in life. Human rights are viewed as very important by all countries that have accepted the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. Speech, expression, religion, and the press are just a few examples of the many rights that fall under this category. They ensure that everyone has the chance to live their lives freely and without fear of harm.

The right to life ensures the safety of every individual life. This safeguard prevents any threats to your sanity, such as being killed. Therefore, owing to the freedom of thought and religion, citizens can follow the religious practices of their choosing. The freedom to roam around helps to mobilize the public. Thanks to this policy, everyone can visit or settle in whatever state they like. Humans have the right to a variety of benefits in various places across the world.

Next, you have the right to a fair trial because of human rights. Every person has the right to have their day in court before a judge who will rule justly. When everything else fails, people may always turn to the legal system to uphold justice. The most crucial aspect is that human slavery has been eliminated. They have a right to freedom from exploitation and enslavement at no one else’s hands. People can say what they think and say what they want without interference.


Human rights need to be organized. It helps us see how we fit into the grand scheme. Rights recognized by the UNDHR fall into two broad categories:

1. Civil and Political Rights

A person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of one’s nationality are all examples of civil and political rights. All the rights to not be enslaved, punished, exiled, or arbitrarily arrested are also taken into account. These include the rights to freedom of thought, conscience, movement, and expression. These guarantees constrain the scope of the government’s power. These privileges also give us a voice in government deliberations. By then, we are all guaranteed equal opportunities to utilize public resources. It’s all up to us who gets voted for.

2. Social and Cultural Rights

The government is directed to find innovative and efficient means to protect social and cultural rights. A citizen’s quality of life would rise if they adopted these measures. These include the freedoms to choose one’s employment, leisure time, and health care. We can also claim the right to be paid fairly for our efforts under these conditions. In our country, we have the security of a social safety net (during specific situations). Death, unemployment, illness, and other life setbacks fall under this category. We have the freedom to marry, start families, and own property.


On December 10, 2023, people worldwide will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In preparation for this momentous occasion, we will undertake a year-long campaign beginning on Human Rights Day (2022) to highlight the UDHR and draw attention to its history, relevance, and advocacy.

More and more countries have passed legislation to protect citizens’ fundamental liberties in the decades following the 1948 ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since then, it has served as the cornerstone for a burgeoning human rights protection system prioritizing marginalized communities, including those with disabilities, indigenous peoples, and migrants.

Unfortunately, there has been a concerted effort to undermine the UDHR’s core principles of human dignity and legal equality in recent years. The ideals and rights entrenched in the UDHR provide guideposts for collective action that does not leave anybody behind in the face of new and ongoing crises such as pandemics, wars, expanding inequities, a morally bankrupt global financial system, racism, and climate change. Campaign organizers hope that by the end of the year, more people will recognize the UDHR’s universal applicability and be motivated to support human rights.


Human Rights Day and other observances safeguard people’s inherent dignity and fair treatment in society. As human beings, we must recognize the importance of safeguarding each other’s rights. We can’t progress as a culture if we ignore people’s rights.

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