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Lachit Borphukan Essay 100 words

Lachit Borphukan was the youngest child of Momai Tamuli Borbarua. The Mughals were against Lachit Borphukan, who was a famous leader who fought against them. He was able to get them out of Assam and protect the safety of his people. Because of how brave he was, he is an example for a lot of people. Lachit Borphukan was a respected officer who was also the commander. In 1671, he led his kingdom’s armies to victory against the Mughals. This is what gave him the most popularity.

Lachit Borphukan Essay 150 words

Lachit Borphukan was the leader of the Ahom Kingdom Army and the Borphukan. He was born on November 24, 1622, in the Ahom Kingdom, which was in the area that is now Assam. His father, Momai Tamuli Borbarua, was the Governor of Upper Assam. His mother, Kunti Moran, was the Chief Commander of the Ahom Army.

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He was his parents’ youngest son. After he finished his studies in humanities and military strategy, Ahom King made him his private secretary. He was also given other important jobs, such as being in charge of the Royal Horses and the house guards. King was impressed by his good intention, his honesty, and his sense of discipline, so he made him the leader of the Ahom Army. There will be times of danger in the history of every country; that much is certain. We can’t avoid these times. When things are as hard as they are right now, the country needs to be led by people who know what they are doing.

Lachit Borphukan Essay in English 200 words PDF

Lachit Borphukan was a great military leader and a great example of a good citizen. People still talk about how great he was as a person. In 1622, he was born into a noble family in the Ahom Kingdom, which is now the Indian state of Assam. In Assam’s history, Lachit is often thought of as one of the most famous people who ever lived. In 1671, when he was in charge of the Ahom army, he beat the armies of the Mughal Empire, led by Emperor Aurangzeb, who was trying to enter. The victory made sure that the kingdom of Ahom would be safe and independent for many years to come.

Lachit’s success in battle was due to both the clever military strategies he came up with and the fearless way he led his army. He was also known for being honest, having strong values, and caring for others. Because of these things, he was looked up to and respected by the people of his country. Lachit Borphukan is still remembered as an important figure in Assam’s history, even in the present day. His life story continues to inspire people all over India.

lachit borphukan essay
lachit borphukan essay

Lachit Borphukan Essay in English 300 words

The early years of Lachit Borphukan are a mystery, and only a few details are known about them. Momaitamuli Barbarua was his parent, and he was Momaitamuli Barbarua’s son. He was from a tribe, which was regarded to be one of the oldest Ahom clans. Momaitamuli Barbarua started out as a very lowly house servant, but he made his way up to become an army soldier and one of the most trustworthy and important members of the royal government. Because he was the son of a powerful noble, Lachit had a nice childhood and was educated in many types of arts.

People say that when he was younger, he fought with men around the city. Lachit did a lot of different jobs before he was finally chosen to be the army’s leader. For example, he was the officer in charge of the royal horses. An interesting story is about how Lachit became the leader of the army. It is said that King, who knew Lachit’s skills, made the decision to make him chief of staff before Lachit’s meeting.

But in order to judge the king’s sense of honor, he had a servant take off Lachit’s turban in front of the royal court. As a result of his anger, Lachit was severely near to killing the servant. But Lachit passed the test by showing the right level of anger at the loss of honor. Lachit had shown his sense of duty which he had learned from his father from the very start of his life.

Lachit Borphukan Essay in English 350 words

The name Lachit Borphukan is an important part of the history of Assam. He has a special place in history because he was the best warrior of all time. In 1671, Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb sent the Mughals to take over Assam, but they lost the battle. The Mughals were almost able to take over Assam, but the Warrior stopped them.

Every state and town has stories about brave people. In Assam’s history, the state also had a brave leader who was in charge. He put up a big wall of sand and soil to block the roads the day before the battle. This was done so that the Mughals would have to march through the waters of the river. Because of how good they were at fighting at sea.Borphukan gave the job to his Uncle so that it could be done in one night. Even so, his uncle didn’t do what he should have done. Lachit became the national hero of Assam after he cut off his uncle’s head with a sword and said, My uncle, is not more precious than my own country.

During the last battle, he also got very sick with a high fever. He was sleeping as he lay on the bed. Some soldiers said they lost faith in Lachit because of how sick he was. He wanted to keep the soldiers’ passion going. In the 17th century, his fight for his country kept the Mughals from taking over Assam when he told his people to put his bed on the boat. Because he was sick, he died soon after the battle was over.

Lachit Borphukan Essay 400 words

The very first Governor of Assam was a man named Momai Tamuli Borbarua. Lachit Borphukan was the name of his son, whom he had with a wife. He was instructed in multiple fields, including the arts, military strategy, and holy texts, all of which contributed to his rapid development into a decent and honest individual.

It was decided that he would serve as the principal secretary for the Ahom kingdom. He did this as a test of his bravery against the Mughal government, and he was successful. Guwahati was taken from them. This angered Aurangzeb even further, and the Ahom king appointed Lachit Borphukan as the commander of the armies that were fighting wars against the Mughals. The bravery, passion, duty, and devotion to Assam that were displayed by Lachit are recorded in the state’s history. In spite of the fact that the powerful Moghul army was fighting against him, Lachit was successful in restoring and protecting the freedom of his nation and its people. Assam citizens feel a big thank to Lachit Barphukan for developing in them a love of their nation.

Every country and culture has stories about brave people who did great things. During the long and eventful history of Assam, the state was also led by a brave Commander in Chief. The day before the fight, he blocked the roads by building a big wall out of sand and dirt. This was done in order to get ready for the fight. This was done so that the Brahmaputra river could be used to force the Mughals to march along its waterways. because of the fact that they have better naval fighting skills.

So that he could meet his deadline, Borphukan gave the project to his uncle from his mother’s side to do in one night. Even so, his uncle still found a way not to do what he was supposed to do. Lachit became Assam’s national hero after he used a sword to kill his uncle and said, My uncle’s worth is not more than the worth of my home country.

On top of that, he had severe periods of fever while they were fighting the last battle. While he was sleeping on the bed, he was getting some much-needed rest. Because Lachit’s health is so bad, some of the soldiers have said that they no longer trust him. His goal was to keep the warriors’ spirits alive. When he told his fellow man to put his bed on the boat, he was taking part in a heroic fight from the 17th century that stopped the Mughals from taking over Assam. Because of how bad his health was, he died after the war ended.

The history of Assam is full of stories about how brave, loyal, and determined Lachit was. Even though the powerful Moghul army was against him, Lachit was able to restore and protect the freedom of his country and people. Lachit Barphukan is responsible for the patriotism of the people of Assam.

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Lachit Borphukan Essay in English 500 words


Momai Tamuli Borbarua and Kunti Moran had a child on November 24, 1622. That child was Lachit Borphukan. His father was the head of the army of the Ahom people. A great war hero named Lachit Barphukan was also born in the state of Assam. He was a brave soldier who fought for Assam, his home country.

Lachit Borphukan’s early life in history

In Lachit Borphukan’s early years, He was the son of Momaitamuli Barbarua and came from the Lukhurakhun clan, which was one of the oldest Ahom clans. Momaitamuli went from being a low-class house servant to an army general and then to being one of the most trusted and important members of the royal cabinet. Lachit learned how to fight and fight well. When he was done with his training, he told us that we had to fight Mir Juinla’s forces. Lachit had worked in many different jobs. As an officer in charge of the royal stables, etc… Everything was done before he was named head of the army.

There’s an interesting story about how Lachit became the head of the army. The king, Chakradvaj Singha, knew how good Lachit was and chose to make him the commander-in-chief. But Chakradvaj had a servant take off Lachit’s turban in the royal court to test how much he cared about his honor.

Lachit was so angry that he almost killed the servant. However, he showed the right kind of anger at the loss of honor, so he passed the test. Lachit had a strong sense of duty that he got from his father. He had shown this from the beginning of his career.

The fighting at Saraighat

Lachit worked very hard all day and night and was in charge of making sure everything was ready for the challenge. He was a strict leader, and it is said that he cut off the head of his uncle for not doing his job, saying, “My uncle is not greater than my country.” Guwahati was picked as the main place to fight the enemy, and city walls were built in crucial areas. During 1669 and 1670, there were on-and-off battles on land and water, but Ram Singha couldn’t split through the strong Ahom defense.

The Battle of Saraighat Comes to an End

The army of the Mughals lost. Ram Singh had to run away. So, Aurangzeb gave up on his plan to take over Assam. In Assam, Lachit Barphukan put a stop to the Mughal rule before it got out of hand. The freedom of the Assam people was saved by his dedication and love of the country. Ram Singha had to admit that he had lost, so on April 5, 1671, he left Assam. Lachit died soon after, probably because of too much stress on his body and mind.

His motto was “Do your duty.” He gave up his own comforts and interests to help his country. Because he loved Assam, he went from being an official with the lower rank to being an official with the highest rank. The people of Assam will always think of him with love and respect.


Legends about Lachit’s bravery, loyalty, and resolve exist in Assam’s history. Lachit was able to recover and maintain the freedom of his land and people despite having the mighty Moghul army behind him. The pride of the Assam people in their country can be attributed to Lachit Barphukan.


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