Lata Mangeshkar essay in English

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Lata Mangeshkar Essay in English

Here are some long and short English essays for students and kids on the topic of “Lata Mangeshkar.” The first essay is a short essay on Lata Mangeshkar that is 100 words long, and then there will be another short essay on Lata Mangeshkar that will be between 150 and 200 words long. 

These are appropriate for schoolchildren and students in grades lower than sixth. The lengthy essay about Lata Mangeshkar that follows is suitable for students in the seventh grade as well as those who are preparing for competitive examinations.

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lata mangeshkar paragraph in english 100 words

Lata Mangeshkar was a very well-known singer. In her whole life, she has sung more than 30,000 songs in 30 different languages. People used to call her Lata didi, and Swar Kokila was another name for her. She won a lot of National Awards and Filmfare Awards. The Indian government gave her two awards: the “Padma Bhushan” and the “Bharat Ratna.” 

Lata Mangeshkar was born in the city of Indore in the state of Madhya Pradesh on September 28, 1929. Lata Mangeshkar’s name is in the Guinness Book of World Records because she has sung more songs than anyone else in the world. She died at the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai on February 6, 2022.

Lata Mangeshkar Essay in English
Lata Mangeshkar Essay in English

lata mangeshkar essay in english 150 words

Lata Mangeshkar is the best female singer in India and one of the best singers in the world. She is well-known for her work, which is why she has sung a lot of songs and made a lot of records throughout her life. 1929 in Indore, India. She started singing at a very young age, which caught the attention of every Bollywood director and producer. 

As a result, she got a lot of Bollywood songs very early in her career. Asha Bhosle, who is also a well-known singer, is the younger sister of Lata Mangeshkar. Together, the two sisters have won more awards than anyone else in the business. In 1942, the song “Naachu Yaa” was what got Lata Mangeshkar her first paid singing job. She has won a lot of awards so far, including three National awards, four Filmfare awards, one Filmfare lifetime achievement award, two Filmfare special awards, and 12 Bengal film journalist association awards.

essay on lata mangeshkar 200 words

Lata Mangeshkar is my favorite singer. She is known as one of the best singers of the 21st century. So far, she has recorded and filmed more than 70,000 songs in many different Indian languages. She has a voice that only God could have given her. Lata was born into a family that loved and cared deeply about music. Her father, brother, and sisters, as well as herself, were all very interested in music. At the age of 11, Lata became well-known as a playback singer. 

The devotional songs and songs that are based on Indian classical music that Lata sings are both great. She got to learn how to sing from almost all of the best music directors in the Indian film industry. We have a collection of records and cassettes featuring a variety of excellent singers in our home. These recordings and tapes provide us with a great deal of enjoyment through both happy and sad times. 

It’s a great thing about life that people are picked out at such a young age to sing for well-known Indian movies. Her hit song, “Ayega Anewala,” which she sang when she was a teenager, is still in our heads and makes music fans think of a great time.

Essay on Lata Mangeshkar in English 250 words

In Indian music, she stands for a whole time and a long-lasting phase. Her voice is so powerful that it has broken through all language, caste, culture, region, and religious barriers. For a lot of people, it’s a mix of melody, sweetness, and harmony. She was born on September 28, 1929, and her father, the well-known Marathi drama troupe owner Pandit Dina Nath Mangeshkar, is her father. 

She is the oldest of five children (four daughters and a son). Her mother, Shevanti, was the second wife of her father. She was from Thalner, Maharashtra, and was his second wife. The last name of the family used to be Hardikar, but Deenanath changed it to “Mangeshkar” to honor his hometown of Mangeshi in Goa. Hema was Lata’s childhood name. She was given the name Latika, which was the name of a character in one of her father’s plays. Lata Mangeshkar’s father was a great teacher, and he helped her learn the first things about classical music. But destiny wasn’t always cruel. 

The owner of Navyug Chitrapat Company, Vinayak Damodar, took care of them. She sang “Nachu Yaa Gade” for a movie in the Marathi language in 1942, but the song was cut from the final version of the movie. In 1943, she sang her first Hindi song for a Marathi movie. But it felt like the end of the world when Pandit Dina Nathji died in 1942 and Lata, who was only thirteen at the time, had to take over his duties. She passed away on January 8, 2022.

essay on lata mangeshkar 300 words

She is one of the best singers in the world, and her voice is so beautiful that it makes people want to dance. If she sings about sadness, everyone cries, and if she sings about happiness, everyone laughs. The whole world feels what she feels and sees what she sees. She is India’s own Lata Mangeshkar, who is known as the nightingale of India. Lata Mangeshkar was born on September 28, 1929, and she was the oldest of seven children. In addition to her parents, she had four sisters and a brother. Her father, Pandit Dina Nath Mangeshkar, used to run a theatre group. 

He put Lata Mangeshkar and her two sisters in the group after seeing how good they were at acting. Her father taught her how to sing in the classical style. But when her father died in 1942, it was the worst thing that could have happened to the family. Lata Mangeshkar, who was still young, had to take care of her family. When she was just a young girl thirteen. In 1948, she got the chance to sing in a movie called “Majboor.” Her first song got a lot of applause, and after that, she didn’t look back. She sang songs for a lot of Indian and foreign movies. A very handsome foreigner was impressed by her songs and asked her to marry him. 

She turned him down because she wanted to spend her life singing and not with a husband. She put her career ahead of her personal life. She had already won the “Dada Saheb Phalke Award,” and in the year 2000, she was chosen to be a member of the Rajya Sabha. In 2001, she was given the “Bharat Ratna” award. Millions of people all over the world adore her and hope that she finds endless joy in her life. Lata Mangeshkar died on February 6, 2022, when she was 92 years old.

Essay on Lata Mangeshkar in English 400 words

We owe it all to God, who sent us people like Lata Mangeshkar. She has made millions of people happy and given them hope for many years. People call Lata Mangeshkar the “Nightingale of India” because of her beautiful voice. Lata was born in Indore, India, on September 28, 1929. She has done a lot of work in both popular and light classical music in India. She has sung Pop, Ghazals, and Bhajans. She has sung for Madhubala, Zeenat Aman, and Kajol, three generations’ worth of Bollywood leading ladies. Even got into the Guinness Book of Records as the most-recorded artist in the world. 

The last name of Deenanath’s family used to be Hardikar, but they changed it to Mangeshkar to honor the town of Mangeshi, Goa, where he grew up. Hema was her name when she was young. She was given the name Latika, which was the name of a character in one of her father’s plays. Lata Mangeshkar got to try the first fruits of Classical Music with the blessing of her father. When Pandit Dina Nathji died in 1942, the sky fell. Lata, who had just turned 13, was left to take care of everything. Still, fate wasn’t always terrible. The owner of Navyug Chitrapat Company, Vinayak Damodar, took care of them. In 1942, she sang the song “Nachu Yaa Gade” for a Marathi movie, but the song was cut from the final version of the movie. She also sang her first Hindi song for a Marathi movie in 1943. 

When she moved to Mumbai in 1945, Ustad Amanat Ali Khan taught her Hindustani classical music. He moved to Pakistan after the partition. So, she started to learn from Pt Tulsidas Sharma and Amanat Khan Devaswale. In 1948, she got her start when she sang a song in the Hindi movie Majboor. The song was written by Ghulam Haider. Everyone knows what happened next. Since then, nothing has been the same in her life. 

Lata Mangeshkar’s ability to sing in a variety of styles and languages, from blues and love songs to classical and raga songs and Bhakti and devotional music, shows how versatile she is as a performer. Nothing appears to have escaped her attention or is unexplored. Her voice has given life and texture to a lot of songs in many different languages. Her singing voice is like the voice of India to the rest of the world.

Essay on Lata Mangeshkar 500 words

On September 28th, 1929, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, the world was introduced to the voice of Lata Mangeshkar. A famous Marathi singing group owner, her father was Pandit Dina Nath Mangeshkar. She sang and created music in the Indian tradition. Many people in India consider her to be the best singer ever. She has had a career spanning 70 years, during which time she has made significant contributions to the Indian music industry. As a result of these achievements, she has been given honorable titles such as “Nightingale of India” and “Queen of Melody.” There were five children in her family: four daughters and a son, and she was the eldest. Their mother, Shevanti, was her father’s second wife and a native of the Indian city of Thalner in the state of Maharashtra.

A Heroic Effort Despite Her Struggle

It’s been stated that there’s nothing simple about achieving success. While Lata Ji was building her career, she, too, had several challenges. Lata Ji’s loud voice turned off many musicians at first. Initially, Lata Ji’s love and talent were likened to those of the more well-known singer of the period, Nur Jahan. Thanks to her incredible fame, playback singer Lata Ji was the most powerful female in her field. 

Master Vinayak, the founder of Navayuga Chitrapat Movie Company, helped the Mangeshkar family after the death of Lata Mangeshkar’s father and gave Lata Ji her first song. The original version of the film featured Lata Mangeshkar performing her first song, “Naachu Ya Gade, Khelu Saari Mani Haus Bhaari,” however the song was cut from the full result. She later debuted in Hindi with the song “Mata Ek Sapoot Ki Duniya Badal Le Tu,” which was used in the Marathi film Gajaabhaau.

The profession in the Music Industry

Throughout her career, she has sung over 50,000 songs. She broke several records and won numerous prizes for her music. It was Lata who said, “Ghulam Haider is genuinely my Godfather and the first music director for the faith in my skill,” during an interview. 

Lata Mangeshkar is an Indian singer who has recorded a large number of songs. Popular songs include “Lage Jaa Gale” from “Woh Kaun Thi,” “Mohe Panghat Pe” from “Mughal-E-Azam, “Ae Dil E Naadaan” from “Razia Sultan” from “Parakh,” “O Sajna Barkha Bahaar” from “Parakh,” “Aayega Aanewaala” from “Ma Besides her singing career, Lata Mangeshkar has also created music for a wide variety of films. 

Her debut film score was for the 1955 Marathi film Ram Ram Tamhane. In the 1960s, she was a prolific composer for Marathi films. Also, Lata Mangeshkar produced four films; the first, in 1953, was a Marathi film, and the next three were in Hindi.


There are few Indian singers on par with Lata Mangeskar. The author Yatindra Mishra has written a book titled “Lata Mangeshkar- A musical Journey” about Lata Ji. This biography covers the reigning queen of Hindi music from the 1940s to the present day. The title of “Singing Queen of Bollywood” will never be taken away from her. Every age group is a fan of Lataji’s outstanding singing voice.


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