My Aim in Life Doctor 10 Lines

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My Aim in Life Doctor 10 Lines

  1. My aim is to be a doctor.
  2. A doctor has a very noble calling and makes many sacrifices.
  3. A doctor is someone who deals with health-related problems.
  4. We witnessed the selfless labor doctors put in during the Covid 19 pandemic to save people’s lives.
  5. A doctor works day and night for the life of its patient.
  6. After God, the doctor is the person who saves lives.
  7. One needs to work hard and sincerely in order to achieve the goal of becoming a doctor.
  8. I want to help my community, the poor, and those in need.
  9. People receive hope from doctors, which is essential for survival.
  10. To become a doctor I will join medical college after my 12th standard.
My Aim in Life Doctor 10 Lines
My Aim in Life Doctor 10 Lines

My Aim in Life Doctor 15 Lines in English

  1. Everybody has a different set of life goals.
  2. My goal is to work in medicine.
  3. I want to be a doctor for a variety of reasons.
  4. First of all, everyone admires this noble profession.
  5. Most importantly, it gives you a chance to help people.
  6. After all, serving humanity is the only purpose of this life.
  7. Some aspire to careers as engineers and lawyers. 
  8. My childhood dream still exists today.
  9. I want to become a doctor so that I can help my people.
  10. Additionally, I will give away free medicines to those in need who are unable to pay for them or any other necessities.
  11. I am aware of the amount of work required to realize my dream. 
  12. I remain optimistic about my dream, though. 
  13. By becoming a doctor, I’ll one day show the world that I was correct.
  14. I will put in a lot of effort until I reach my goal.
  15. As a doctor, I would see to it that everyone received the right medication on time and that no one died from carelessness.

20 Lines on My Aim in Life Doctor

  1. Everywhere in the world, being a doctor is regarded as a very good and noble profession.
  2. It is a very significant profession, in fact.
  3. Millions of patients with various illnesses are treated by physicians.
  4. Doctors are never bored.
  5. They are consistently prepared to help others.
  6. A doctor is also my ideal profession.
  7. I put in a lot of effort to accomplish that.
  8. Becoming a doctor is my goal.
  9. A doctor has a very noble profession and gives much of themselves.
  10. A doctor is a professional who deals with medical issues.
  11. We saw the selfless work doctors did to save lives during the Covid 19 pandemic.
  12. A doctor devotes all of their time to saving their patients’ lives
  13. The doctor is the person who saves lives, second only to God
  14. To become a doctor, one must put in a lot of effort and be sincere about their endeavor
  15. I want to assist the underprivileged and those in need in my community
  16. Doctors give people hope, which is crucial for survival
  17. After my 12th grade year, I’ll enroll in medical school in order to become a doctor.
  18. With my perseverance and diligence, I have a good feeling that I will realize my dream
  19. I want to give people access to free medicines.
  20. In conclusion, I really love this profession.

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