My Book My Inspiration Essay 1500 Words

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My Book My Inspiration Essay 1500 Words


Books are a wonderful gift, and reading them is a great joy. They are the repository of man’s experience and wisdom gathered over time. They are the source of the vast majority of our knowledge. They enhance our perspective, improve our intelligence, and broaden our sympathies. An excellent book is more valuable than gold. Today, in this essay, I will tell you about a book that has greatly influenced me, and that book is none other than The Bhagavad Gita.

The Bhagavad Gita is the book that has had the biggest effect on me. It has changed my life, as well as the lives of millions of individuals from many religions and countries. PM Jhawahar Lal Nehru once stated that Gita, Gandhi, and Buddha were the three most influential people in his life. I first read Gita in Sir Edwin Arnold’s English translation, The Song Celestial. I afterward read Gandhiji’s basic translation of the Gita.

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Power of Book

Ever since its origin, Hinduism has regarded the Bhagavad-Gita as the most significant religious book of the faith. Among believers, the book is seen as a guide to the road of truth. Lord Krishna is thought to have inspired the text known as the Gospel of the Lord. Furthermore, the Bhagavad-Gita is tied to the sixth book of the Mahabharata poetry. The Bhagavad-Gita is divided into 18 portions, each of which contains spiritual and practical Hinduism lessons.

Lord Krishna presented the everlasting message of the Gita to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurushetra (in Haryana). On the battlefield, the armies of the Kauravas and Pandavas faced one other. Arjuna was the Pandavas’ leader, and Lord Krishna was his charioteer. Arjuna was plagued by uncertainty. His duty as a warrior was to battle. But the Kauravas were his own blood relatives. Should he murder his own family and friends? Lord Krishna offered him an energizing word of action: play up, play up, play up the game. Do your job regardless of the outcome.

Importance of Book in Our Life

The Gita’s core teaching is action, entire action, but desireless action. One must take the proper action, but one should not be concerned with the outcome. Leave the outcome of your activity. A person’s job is to execute his duty and work extremely hard. However, he should not be concerned with the outcome of the examination. “Again, let no one interpret renunciation (leaving the fruit) to indicate want of fruit for the renouncer,” Mahatma Gandhi stated. Renunciation is the absence of a desire for fruit. In truth, he who renounces reaps a thousand-fold reward. He who is always brooding (thinking) about the outcome frequently loses his nerve in the discharge of his duties.

My Book My Inspiration Essay 1500 Words
My Book My Inspiration Essay 1500 Words

Some of the life lessons of the Bhagavad Gita:

Focus on your work

 Do your best and don’t worry about the outcome. When a person starts a task, he is first concerned about the outcome. As a result, he could perhaps focus well on his work and works less than that of his caliber and worry more about the result, which is why he does not get the desired result. According to Krishna, if you want your 100% result, you must first work with 100% devotion and not worry about the outcome before the actual result has arrived.

Do not be scared

The greatest dread an individual can have is the fear of death. According to Lord Krishna, if a person removes the fear of mortality from his mind, he becomes unstoppable in achieving his goal and can live a stress-free life. 

Anger causes deception

Anger is one of the human weaknesses that constantly pulls him away from his well-being and causes him to become more confused about important life decisions. As a result, he loses his temper and becomes unable to distinguish between right and wrong, and by being angry, he ends up harming himself and becoming deviated by their goals.

Do not be in doubt

Doubt is a threat to an individual because when he doubts his caliber, he cannot achieve his goals; therefore, we must never doubt our caliber. 

Maintain control at all times

Individuals who lack control over their actions are more likely to become sidetracked by their ambitions and experience failure in life, which causes stress. However, if they spend a few hours meditating, they can manage their minds and generate many new thoughts about their goals.

Do not avoid your duty

An individual is tied by duties from birth; throughout his life, he is called to complete his tasks rather than run away from them. 

You were born empty-handed and will leave this earth empty-handed

When a person is born, he is born without any materialistic possessions. Whatever he has gotten from this earth, he must leave here. 

Anger and Greed – Self-Destructive 

These are extremely harmful to all of humanity. Anger destroys all relationships and friendships, while greed makes a person restless.

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The Characters in Bhagavad Gita

Now, you must understand what each character represents in this book: 

Arjuna: we in human form, with all our doubts, fears, and habits… He depicts you and me as we stand on the battlefield of life, confronted by all the various aspects of ourselves that keep us from realizing our actual essence. 

Krishna is the ‘greater Self’ or ‘divine’. 

The Pandavas represent the noble virtues that exist inside all of us. 

The Kauravas are the competing forces within ourselves. 

The Chariot represents our physical body. 

The Horses: our five senses, which must be expertly managed and controlled by the Self in order for us to realize our actual essence.

More Dharma, less drama:

The Bhagavad Gita goes in-depth into the concept of ‘Dharma,‘ which translates as ‘that which upholds’ and is also known as ‘life purpose’. Famous writers such as Henry David Theroux, John Keats, and Walter Hagan, as well as composer Beethoven, have all found solace and guidance in the pages of the Bhagavad Gita. Gandhi also saw the text as essential to discovering his life’s purpose.

Gita emphasizes the immortality of the soul. Arjuna hesitated to slay his opponents on the battlefield. “The soul never dies,” Krishna assured him. Only the body perishes. The soul has no birth and no death. We all lived in the previous life; we are living now, and we will live again in the next life. Thus, the cycle of life and death continues. Death has no significance.

The soul transforms the body in the same way that a man changes his clothes. Changing clothes is not a misfortune, and changing from one birth to another is not a reason for concern. When one person murders another, no one kills or is killed. The Gita is a section of the Mahabharata, a large Hindu epic. It has a million verses. The country of Kurushetra is sanctified by Krishna’s feet, Arjuna’s chariot, and the eternal message of the Gita. Millions of devout people flock to Kurushetra, especially during the solar eclipse. 

No doubt, Gita is India’s pride. It allows the world to find its soul. “I consumed the material from cover to cover,” Gandhiji recounts of his first encounter with the Gita. The final 19 verses of the second chapter are now etched on the tablet of my heart. India is the world’s spiritual leader, and the Gita is India’s most important spiritual text. It, like a lighthouse, has guided thousands of ships of life adrift on this world’s dark sea.

A life manual

The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient Indian scripture based on the epic poem The Mahabharata. This is still the longest poem ever written, with over 100,000 shlokas (or over 200,000 verses) in total. Although merely a portion of this massive literature, the Bhagavad Gita is widely regarded as one of the most important and renowned yogic texts ever written. In order to discover and fully live our purpose, the Bhagavad Gita encourages us to live our lives with purity, confidence, work ethic, fairness, generosity, and integrity. We can use the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita to meet our own difficulties and decisions with fearlessness and honesty, just as Krishna encourages Arjuna to cast aside all doubts and trust in his highest Self.


Geeta is my favorite book of all time. Hindus learn how to live in the world through the Bhagavad Gita. This is my favorite book. It is considered a Hindu holy text. It is my true guidance and a constant companion. Every morning, I enjoy reading it. It contains vast amounts of information, wisdom, and virtue. It emphasizes the significance of self-effort, devotion to responsibility, and positive behaviors. It shows me that in the long run, good triumphs over evil. I adhere to all of Gita’s teachings. It brings me great happiness and serenity of mind.

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