My Hobby 10 Lines, (10 lines on my hobby in English)

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my hobby 10 lines (Set-1) (Reading Hobby)

  1. My hobby is reading books.
  2. Books are my best friend.
  3. I love to read books in my free time.
  4. Books are full of knowledge.
  5. I love to read story books.
  6. Fairy tales are my favorite genre.
  7. Every day I devote one hour to my hobby.
  8. My hobby helps me to improve my understanding of language and literature.
  9. My hobby helps me to relax.
  10. Reading is my hobby and I read whenever I get time.

my hobby essay 10 lines (Set-2) (Singing Hobby)

  1. My hobby is singing.
  2. I love to sing in my free time.
  3. Singing provides me with an escape from routine.
  4. My favorite songs are from the 90’s era.
  5. Singing introduced me to the most fantastic lyrics and emotions that are embroidered in a song.
  6. I love to sing songs in a different language which provides me with a basic idea about those languages.
  7. Songs are a blend of emotions, music, lyrics, and vocals.
  8. Singing enables me to explore the thoughts that are preserved in songs.
  9. Singing improved my self-confidence.
  10. Singing is my hobby and I love to sing.
my hobby 10 lines
my hobby 10 lines

my hobby essay in english (Set-3)

  1. Hobbies are activities that are practiced during free time.
  2. Every person should at least have one hobby.
  3. Your hobby should be the activity that you are interested in.
  4. Your hobby should provide some advancement to your personality
  5. A hobby you perform should provide you with a feeling of pleasure in performing.
  6. Your hobby should be relaxing.
  7. A hobby should make your free time productive.
  8. A hobby should be creative.
  9. A hobby should be in accordance with your interest.
  10. A hobby should be what you like.

my hobby 10 line (Set-4)

  1. A hobby is an activity that is done during extra time.
  2. Your hobby should be the activity that you like to do.
  3. You can explore different activities and select some of them as your hobby which you like most.
  4. You can take one hour a day for your hobby.
  5. Performing a hobby daily can help you to make it a habit.
  6. Hobbies can be developed easily if they are in your interest.
  7. Creative hobbies are more easy to develop.
  8. Less time-consuming hobbies can be developed easily.
  9. Developing a hobby can be very easy if you love to do it.
  10. Hobbies are an important part of our daily schedule and one should surely develop them.

10 lines on my hobby (Set-5)

  1. A hobby is an activity that is done during free time.
  2. Different individuals have different hobbies according to their interests.
  3. Hobbies are one of the best recreational methods.
  4. Hobbies act as a medium of escape from a busy daily schedule 
  5. Hobbies can be writing, reading, singing, dancing, gardening, painting, and anything that you are interested in.
  6. Hobbies also help to improvise one personality.
  7. Hobbies are beneficial for the all-around development of a person.
  8. Hobbies make us creative.
  9. Hobbies help us to relax in our daily routines.
  10. Hobbies make our free time productive.

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