My Plans for Summer Vacation in English

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My Plans for Summer Vacation 150 Words

This summer, I had very great plans for my vacation. I wanted to travel the whole world. With my bags packed, I set off on a big adventure. First, I went to the beautiful farms. It smelled so nice with all the pretty flowers around. I walked through fields of golden wheat and saw butterflies flying all around. I also listened to the happy sounds of birds singing.

Next, I went to the sandy beaches. The waves crashed onto the shore, inviting me to dip my toes in the cool water. I built sandcastles and collected seashells. The ocean was so beautiful and made me feel peaceful. Finally, I went to the tall mountains. It was hard to breathe as I went higher, but the views were incredible. I walked on rough paths and sat on cliffs, feeling like I was on top of the world. When summer ended, I discovered the beauty of nature. It was a vacation I will always remember.

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My Plans for Summer Vacation in English (300 Words)

I’m so excited about summer vacation because I get to spend it at my grandma’s house. Her house is a special place filled with love and warmth, where we make wonderful memories together. Every morning at Grandma’s house starts with the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies. Grandma makes them with lots of love just for me. Eating those cookies makes me feel really happy inside.

During the day, Grandma and I go on exciting adventures. We explore her garden and look for colorful flowers and shiny gems like we’re on a treasure hunt. I keep them safe in a special box to remember our fun times. In the afternoon, we sit in the cozy living room and Grandma tells me magical stories. I imagine myself as a brave knight or a clever princess, ready to conquer anything.

My Plans for Summer Vacation in English
My Plans for Summer Vacation in English

When the sun starts to set, Grandma and I sit on the porch and look up at the stars in the sky. We talk about our dreams and wishes, and when I see a shooting star, I make a wish. Grandma tells me that if I work hard and believe in myself, my dreams can come true.  While I’m at Grandma’s house, we also visit the park nearby. We have picnics and play games with my cousins and friends. Running around and playing games create memories that I’ll cherish forever.

But the best part of being at Grandma’s house is the love and care she gives me. Her hugs are warm and her kisses on my forehead make me feel so special. I feel safe and loved when I’m with her. When summer vacation comes to an end, I’ll have to say goodbye to Grandma’s house. But the memories we made and the love we shared will stay in my heart forever. 

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