My vision for India in 2047 Essay in English

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My Vision for India in 2047 Essay

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My vision for India in 2047 Essay in English (50 words)

By making a plan for our nation, we can show people where to go. In 2047, India will remain free from British rule for 100 years.

I hope that by 2047, our country will have the biggest economy in the world. In the next 25 years, we should all come together to make it happen.

My vision for India in 2047 Essay in English 100 words

In the India of my imagination, women have access to education and are free to move wherever they choose, including on the streets. The empowerment and autonomy of women are central to my desired picture of India in the year 2047.

The education of disadvantaged kids is crucial. There must be no significant difference between the wealthy and the impoverished. India must continue to be known as a place of peace, wealth, and honesty.

It is projected that by the year 2047, India will be the most developed country. India must position itself more in the international community.

My vision for India in 2047 Essay in English 150 words

On August 15, 1947, our nation, India, was finally independent after having been a colony of the United Kingdom for more than two centuries. The date of independence has reached the milestone of 75 years.

The Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav is currently being observed across the entirety of the nation in honor of this special anniversary. Amrit Mahotsav in India is currently honoring the great history of the country’s people, culture, and accomplishments through the use of the Azadi ka program.

It will have been one hundred years since the nation first gained its freedom within the following 25 years, in the year 2047. In the next quarter of a century, the “Amrit Kaal” for the country will be achieved.

In the year 2047, I have a more positive picture in mind for India. It is imperative that we find solutions to the issues of graft and corruption, as well as poverty, malnourishment, and ignorance.

My vision for India in 2047 Essay in English
My vision for India in 2047 Essay in English

My vision for India in 2047 Essay in English 200 words

India is currently commemorating the seventy-fifth anniversary of its attainment of independence. Everyone has aspirations that the nation will one day become prosperous and politically stable. A nation that has achieved equality in all spheres and has made progress for all of its generations is called a paradise.

Along with a lot of other people, I have hope for my country, India, and the way it ought to be so that not only I but also the next generation may be happy to live here.

When looking at India through the lens of progress, industrialization, women’s rights, employment levels, and other aspects, the year 2047 will be a watershed moment.

What we imagine is what we see, and in the same way, the way in which we envision India in the year 2047 will decide the revolutions that we will implement over the course of the following twenty-five years. One has the hope that one day India will be free of such societal ills as poverty, unemployment, starvation, injustice, and so on.

Within the next quarter of a century and five years, India ought to develop into a formidable nation on both the domestic and international fronts.

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My Vision for India in 2047 Essay

My vision for India in 2047 Essay in English 400 words


My dream is that 100 years after India’s independence, in the year 2047, the country will be just as powerful as the freedom fighters who battled for our country and gave their lives to ensure that India would become an independent nation. As a country that is still in the process of developing, the top priority that we should have is to work on several economic aspects and to build our economy better by implementing some significant changes.


In addition to the realm of economics, there is a pressing need to make progress toward gender equality and the provision of equal opportunities for all people, regardless of their origins. The next twenty-five years will be immensely significant not only for our nation but also for each one of us as individuals who call India home. It’s possible that the trip will be challenging, but the payoff, in the end, will be well worth it. We shall be witnesses to a nation that is both powerful and united. I’d like to discuss 


My Vision for India in the Year 2047. Every kid in India shall have access to quality education, and no kid should be made to work in servitude. Everyone, regardless of their level of schooling or other qualities (e.g., degrees, uneducated, etc.), should have access to essential education and opportunity for gainful work. 


Everyone ought to have access to medical facilities. Individuals are also conscious of their physical well-being and levels of fitness.

Caste discrimination

Maintaining a secular government in which adherents of all religions are shown equal respect should be a priority in this country. Nobody should be going to bed hungry, unclothed, or without a place to lay their head because other people are providing them with adequate resources to meet their needs. There is no such thing as dying from malnutrition or poverty. It is safe for women to stroll freely on the road, and they should feel quite powerful and independent as a result. 


It is important that farmers have access to facilities that can educate them about seeds, insecticides, and fertilizers. I want my home country of India to be as pollution-free and environmentally friendly as possible. I hope to one day see India serving as a model nation for all of the world’s other nations.


I hope that India will advance in every sphere of endeavor. It is important to me that India remains the country of love. My picture of India in 2047 is one in which all areas are filled with joy, people love one another, and the country is rid of both starvation and tears.

My vision for India in 2047 Essay in English 500 words


We plan to enjoy the 75th anniversary of our independence with a robust democratic system all over the world in the year 2022, the year that will mark the beginning of our celebrations. Democracy, peace, and economic growth have all contributed to India’s rise from one of the world’s poorest to one of the world’s wealthiest nations.

In the India of my imagination, in the year 2047, everyone possesses a very high level of education. Our young ladies and ladies should have better access to education, and they should be permitted to travel and work unrestrictedly around the nation.

Economies and their Growth

In my mind, India has already become the nation that is furthest along in terms of development and advancement. It ought to have every type of industry so that we are never forced to import goods from other countries. My dream is that all of India’s cities, no matter how large or little, will one day be spotless and well-kept and that the entire nation will one day be able to boast that it is pollution-free.

India is a country that is blessed with a great deal of wealth in all spheres of life, including its agricultural sector, its commercial and industrial sectors, as well as its historically significant and culturally significant traditions. The economy of our nation’s manufacturing sector would reach its maximum growth potential. Because of the large number of highly trained engineers that will be available in our nation, the largest and most expensive pieces of equipment will be manufactured here.

The development of numerous fields

The country was filled with people who possessed exceptional potential, and it was easy to find them. The Olympic Games are coming to our country to be held here. We would have lakhs of teachers, physicians, and instructors, as well as hundreds of scientific researchers. Our nation’s progress will be demonstrated by the rest of the world as examples. There wouldn’t be any room for problematic ideas like employing children in hazardous tasks. It is likely that people will consider us to be the nation with the lowest rate of violent crime in the entire world.

Girl Education

Every girl children in India need to be eligible for free education of a sufficient standard, regardless of her family’s financial situation. It is imperative that we work toward making India the most technologically advanced nation in the world. In the year 2047, our nation’s defense system needs to be the most formidable one available.

Industrial Sector

In order for India to continue to develop as a progressive nation, its roadways and public transportation networks need to be appropriately maintained. To create our nation a better, more effective, and wealthier place for future generations to live, it is imperative that each and every one of us put in as much effort as possible. 


It will be entirely up to us, over the next quarter of a century, to transform India into a country that is both advancing and expanding.

India, where I’m from, ought to be greener and more beautiful. We must focus on making our nation attractive and a top tourism destination. Here is what India will look like in 2047 in my opinion.

My vision for India in 2047 Essay in English 700 words


“In 2047, India will be commemorating its 100th anniversary of independence, which would mark the passage of 25 years since the country attained its independence. I would want to share with you my idea for India in the year 2047.” The path of a country is one of growing to develop it further. The solution to mission 2047 lies in connecting “I” to “me” and “mine” to “us.” India is presently honoring its seventy-fifth anniversary of gaining its freedom. All of us have aspirations that the nation will one day become prosperous and politically stable. A nation that has achieved development is one in which equality has been achieved across the board for people of both sexes.

When looking at India through the lenses of progress, development, sexual equality, and other aspects, the year 2047 will be a defining moment for the country. What we dream is what we see; in the same way, how we envision India in the year, 2047 will decide the changes that we will implement within the next twenty-five years.

India in the industrial sector

One has the hope that one day India will be free of such societal ills as illiteracy, unemployment, starvation, fraud, and so on. Within the next quarter of a century and five years, India ought to evolve into a formidable nation on both the domestic and international fronts. The next twenty-five years will be immensely significant not only for our nation but also for each one of us as individuals who call India home. My impression is that it is a location that experiences a great deal of expansion and development.

Women empowerment

Women face severe forms of bias in today’s society. Women are still sleeping on the streets and leaving their imprint in a variety of professions and areas of society. To me, 2047 is about realizing a vision of an empowered and independent Indian woman.

For social change to occur, we must exert significant effort. If I had my way, India would be a place where women were valued for what they contribute to the country, not looked at as a potential problem. And I hope to elevate women to the same status as males.

Caste discrimination

Although India achieved its own freedom from the British in 1947, the country has yet to achieve true equality for all its citizens, regardless of their caste, religion, or faith. I imagine a 2047 India free of all forms of prejudice.


In 2047, I would like to see India’s healthcare system developed further so that it is more accessible to the general public. In addition, individuals are aware of the significance of exercise and health. 

Education System

Efforts by the government to expand and improve educational opportunities. However, many individuals fail to appreciate its significance. In the India of my future, 2047, education is a right rather than a privilege for all citizens.

Provide employment

In India, you may find a lot of bright minds. However, they are not able to land respectable employment for a variety of reasons, corruption chief among them. In 2047 India, in my mind’s eye, only the most qualified applicants will be considered for employment, rather than quotas based on demographics.

Corruption free

One of the primary factors that are preventing the progress of the nation is the presence of corrupt officials and practices. Therefore, the India of my vision is one that exists in the year 2047 and is characterized by ministers and officials who are totally committed to the success of the country in which they serve and the work that they do.


In the India of my imagination, the year 2047 will find the nation transformed into a utopia in which all of its inhabitants enjoy full citizenship rights. In addition, there is no discrimination of any kind that can be found here. In addition to this, it will be a location in which women and men are regarded as equals to one another and where respect is accorded in equal measure to each.

My vision for India in 2047 Essay in English 1000 words


In 2047, we shall mark the centennial of our nation’s declaration of independence. When we consider that India will have celebrated 100 years of autonomy in 2047, it’s hard to keep a positive outlook on the country. Here is what I imagine India to be like in the year 2047. When the year 2047 rolls around, we hope that India will be among the world’s leading nations, a place where women can feel secure and all people may live with the same amount of freedom. All of India has to develop a spirit of fraternity and love. No one should be treated differently because of their ethnicity, religion, skin color, or socioeconomic level.

My Vision for India in 2047

In my ideal world, India would be well-managed across the board, including but not limited to: alleviating poverty, reducing unemployment, preventing pollution, ensuring that no one in India goes hungry, expanding access to healthcare in underserved areas, prohibiting child labor and providing free education to disadvantaged youth, eliminating the prevalence of communal violence, and developing the country’s capacity for self-sufficiency.


When we say that we have a vision for something, we almost always mean that we have a plan in place to carry out specific steps that will bring that vision closer to becoming a reality. It is my sincere desire that the government of India will act quickly to implement the reforms that are essential to ensuring that India’s people, in addition to the country’s fauna and flora, can live in an environment that is free of pollution and is conducive to I beg of you to ask that you send him the essential instructions to carry out so that our surroundings are kept clean and free from contamination.

As farmers, we rely on the abundant plant and animal life that surrounds us to meet the essential requirements of our families and to keep us well and physically active. This allows us to provide for the needs of our families.

Science and Technology

India was the first on the Mongol planet, thanks to advances in science and technology. By the year 2047, I hope India will have made significant improvements in each of these areas. 

Child Labour

Despite significant advances, there are still rural areas of India where the majority of the population lives in abject poverty, and only a small fraction has access to formal education. Young people are leaving school and entering the workforce in all of those areas. In 2047, India will be a place where kids aren’t working and are instead in school; at least, that’s my dream.


Since gaining independence, the government has made education a priority. However, not everyone sees the value in it. In 2047, I’d like to see India transform into a nation that values education and makes it possible for all of its citizens to receive one. The advancement of a nation’s economy and society depends on the quality of its educational system. 

Women Empowerment

Now more than ever, women are making an impact in the workforce and beyond. However, there are still domains in which women are behind men. By the year 2047, I hope to see women in India fully empowered. There is a shared duty between men and women for the nation’s progress. Immediately, a shift in the collective consciousness is required. That way, women are empowered to play an equal role in building the nation.


Farmers are sometimes referred to as the “backbone” of our country because they are responsible for providing the nation’s food and other requirements. People are able to maintain their lives and participate in active pursuits as a result of it. The farmers ought to be shielded from harm by the provision of educational facilities on many agricultural topics like seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers. In order for them to be able to apply their knowledge to the cultivation of other crops and provide the population with a cause to place a significant emphasis on items derived from agriculture.


There has been a rise in the number of college graduates in India in recent years, but many of them are unable to find decent employment due to issues including corruption and a lack of government support. With the current unemployment figures at a record high, it is more difficult to find gainful employment while having the necessary skills. Today, he has a high level of education but is still jobless. In 2047 India, the correct individual would obtain the job first and based on his merit, not because it is reserved. For India’s brighter tomorrow. Without any help from anyone else.

Cast Discrimination

In 1947, after the country was partitioned, independence was achieved, but it did not bring freedom from bigotry, religious intolerance, or dogmatic convictions. Discrimination based on race or religion persists in certain areas of the country. Raising up religion is one way we can help construct a nondiscriminatory India in the year 2047.

Health and Fitness

My dream for India in 2047 is to see the country’s healthcare system transformed by the provision of first-rate medical facilities to the populace. We need to be free of stress and illness if we’re going to help India become self-sufficient and thriving. The country’s corruption problem is a serious roadblock to progress. One of the biggest problems preventing the country from progressing is corruption. Corruption slows down an economy and has a negative effect on a country’s progress. But I hope that by 2047, India will have eliminated corruption and become a more prosperous nation.


India has the potential to become the nation of our dreams, provided that we cooperate with one another and speak the truth. There are many ways in which we may make life in the United States of America better. All of these ideas must be put into effect by the year 2047 if we want our nation to reach its full potential and for every citizen to have the opportunity to voice their thoughts on how our nation could be improved as well as their responses to other citizens’ suggestions.





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