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Pariksha Pe Charcha ​Essay 250 words

The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, participated in an event called Pariksha Pe Charcha, which was an excellent experience for schoolchildren from all over the country. Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi served as the location for the event.

It was the third time the PM engaged in a discussion with the kids during this session. The event was not prepared for until a significant amount of time in advance. An online essay writing competition was held by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) on the following issues: gratitude is great, your future depends on your aspirations, examining exams, our duties, your take, and balance is good, and our duties. Certificates of participation in digital form were provided to students who took part.

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During the event, tens of thousands of students engaged in conversation with the Prime Minister. A live stream of the event was broadcast and distributed to educational institutions all throughout India and the rest of the world. Several students asked the P.M. questions regarding how to deal with the stress of having exams, and he answered their questions. A significant number of students engaged in conversation with the Prime Minister via video calls.

Nearly 2 hours were given for the presentation. Students who performed the program were met with warm clapping from the Prime Minister. It is likely that the Pariksha Pe Charcha will happen in January 2023. Those students who wish to participate and enroll themselves till 20th December 2022.

Pariksha pe Charcha Essay
Pariksha pe Charcha Essay


Pariksha Pe Charcha ​Essay 300 words

Pariksha Pe Charcha is an activity that was initiated in the year 2018 by Chief Narendra Modi, who serves as the Prime Minister of India. Through the organization of this event, he is able to engage in conversation with students, professors, and parents from all over the country and impart his insightful perspectives on those schoolchildren who are sitting for entrance and board examinations. 

In addition to this, he advises the students who will be taking the exams to keep calm and remain comfortable during the process. The participants in this tournament are chosen via a competition, and the winners will have the opportunity to meet personally with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

The Pariksha Pe Charcha is planned to take place in the first month of 2023. Those interested in participating must do so by December 20, 2022. At the location of Pariksha Pe Charcha, teachers are also given the opportunity to share their thoughts on the academic achievement of their students and may perhaps earn the chance to speak with our Prime Minister. 

The opinions of parents on how best to prepare their children for IQ exams can also be shared. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, gave a speech in which he discussed useful methods to reduce the anxiety that comes with taking exams, as well as to determine one’s own potential, talents, and hobbies and to plan one’s career appropriately.

He encouraged the parents to refrain from imposing their will and aspirations on their offspring. He encouraged the kids to pay attention to both their abilities and their passions and to pursue their aspirations. Students shouldn’t just study to pass a test; they should study for the sake of expanding their knowledge.

He also addressed the issue of equitable treatment of the sexes. Instead of feeling anxious, students should have self-assurance in their knowledge of the material they have studied. Students need to keep their attention on the information presented in the classroom. Young people are the ones who make New India. The future of the country depends on what they do. This is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always talked to young people and tried to understand their hopes, dreams, and problems.

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In order to discuss and reduce exam-related stress so that he can enjoy life as an Utsav, Prime Minister Narendra Modi created a special interactive platform called Pariksha Pe Charcha that allows students, parents, and instructors from all around the nation and from worldwide to communicate with him. The Department of School Education and Literacy of the Ministry of Education has successfully organized this event for the past four years. The Indian Prime Minister talks with kids, teachers, and families from all over the nation at the program and offers his “useful advice” on how to study without stress and entertainingly for the board and entrance exams.


Exams are one of the most significant aspects of a student’s life while they are in school. Many students study diligently in order to perform well on tests. The days before and following tests are typically when anxiety about exams is at its highest. Students who don’t study typically receive poor grades.

Basically, those kids who have seen the world and those children whose parents cannot provide for their basic needs prepare for tests for their good careers. Students who do not prepare for tests are either those whose parents provide for their needs or those who are content with their lives.


The Pariksha Pe Charcha is expected to take place in January 2023. Students who are in classes 9 to 12 and would like the opportunity to participate in an interactive program with PM will have to register for a writing contest that is now being held on a variety of subjects. Students can sign up for the writing contest on the official website until December 30, 2022.


Important decisions might be challenging for students at times. Students should get into the practice of teaching their peers what they have learned in class. They will learn together as a result of this.

When speaking with children, PM Narendra Modi remarked that while he would not be able to answer all of their questions, he would set up alternative channels to do so. “I will attempt to respond to any inquiry, whether it be via video, audio, written fax, or NaMo app so that no student has any uncertainties for an extended period of time. Parents frequently fail to identify the talents and interests of their kids. We must realize that every child has a special quality that often passes the notice of their parents and teachers.

In “Pariksha Pe Charcha,” Prime Minister Modi stated that talents are crucial everywhere in the world. “Technology should be handled wisely; it is not a curse. Students today use Vedic mathematics applications and 3D printers. They are exceptionally effective users of technology. Exams are a regular part of life and a significant step in your development; this is not your first time taking an exam. Therefore, avoid stress.


Clean India, Green India: Ideas on how to reduce pollution and make India greener. Digital collaboration in the schoolroom: teachers’ perspectives on how to make online learning engaging, enjoyable, and effective. Exam stress management techniques used during COVID-19: Students’ perspectives on how they handled the pandemic and forthcoming exams. Students’ efforts to protect the environment and adapt to climate change are reflected in their environmental protection and climate change resilience activities.


According to Pariksha Pe Charcha, motivation helps students overcome their exam anxiety. PM Modi remarked, “Celebrate exam day as a celebration.” This event is very beneficial for parents, instructors, and students since it inspires and motivates people.

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