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Raksha Bandhan Essay in English 100 Words

Raksha Bandhan is a popular festival in India. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is also called the bond of protection. Raksha means to protect and bandhan means the bond of love and care. On this festival, sisters tie Rakhi on their brother’s wrist. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on Shravan Purnima. This festival is a symbol of love and affection between brothers and sisters. The Brothers promise their sisters that they will protect them at all costs. On this occasion, the sister prays for the safety and happiness of their brother.

Raksha Bandhan Essay in English 150 Words

Raksha Bandhan is one of the specific occasion in India. It is an important festival in Hindu Religion. Raksha Bandhan is a famous festival that marks the importance of the brothers and sisters’ bond. This festival falls on the full moon day in August every year. On this day, Sisters pray for the well-being of their brothers, and on the other hand brothers promise their sisters to protect them forever. Indian families prepare delicious food and sweets to celebrate this occasion. Everyone wears traditional clothes and enjoys this event. Brothers also give gifts or money to their sisters. This festival conveys a message of love and care between brothers and sisters.

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Raksha Bandhan Essay in English 200 Words

Raksha Bandhan is a famous traditional festival celebrated by Hindus in India. It is also called as Rakhi festival. On this occasion, the sister ties Rakhi to their brothers. Return brother gives give to sister and takes promises to protect her from every problem. The sister wakes up early and makes delicious sweet for her brother and make a thali for Pooja. In thali, there is a sweet, thread-like bracelet called ‘Rakhi’ Tilak and Kumkum. This Raksha Bandhan is a special day for brother and sister. On this day family make delicious sweet for brother and sister. The meaning of Raksha Bandhan Raksha means protection and Bandhan means bond means it is called a bond of protection. The Raksha Bandhan comes in the month of August. Raksha Bandhan is the sign of love, care, emotion, and protection to each other. The practice of this festival is followed by the community of Muslim and Christian people too.

Raksha Bandhan Essay in English 300 Words

Raksha Bandhan is a day for pampering the sister. Another name for Raksha Bandhan is Rakhi festival. rakhi is made up of a thread-like bracelet. Rakhi is present in multicolor. On this occasion sister wakes up early and wears new clothes. Sisters make sweets with their hands sweets from the market and ready Pooja thali with Diya, Kumkum, rice, and special rakhi. The Rakhi is called a holy thread. Sister tie Rakhi to brother feed some sweet and apply tika on their forehead.

In return, the brother gives a gift or pocket money to the sister and takes a pledge promise to protect her from any problem and give her happiness. The Rakhi is very Holy and ties on brothers hand by sister. During these days the family makes some good sweets and invites their colleagues to celebrate this special day at home. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated the bond of love between brother and sister.

On this day, we see families wearing ethnic clothes. We see the market is full of people and full of colorful rakhis. On this day the sister was pampered by her father and mother mostly by her brother. The brother to care of his sister and gives her pocket money for a new dress on this occasion. The festival day is a fun day for brother and sister and along with family. In this way, the rakhi festival is celebrated in every house in our country, and it is a traditional festival for us. It ran from ancient times and the god also celebrated this day in the past.

Raksha Bandhan Essay in English
Raksha Bandhan Essay in English

Raksha Bandhan Essay in English 400 Words

Raksha Bandhan is a famous traditional festival celebrated by Hindus in India. It is also celebrated by Sikhs, Jains, and other communities. It mostly celebrates the area where the people belong to the Western and northern parts of the country. It is also called the Rakhi festival. The important meaning of Raksha Bandhan is the protection of the sister or we can say protection bond. Raksha means ‘protection’ and Bandhan means ‘bond’ overall the Raksha Bandhan means ‘bond of protection’.

On these days sister ties a special band on their brother’s wrist with Pooja thali, Diya, and kumkum, sweet, and in return brother gives a gift to the sister give promises to the sister to protect and love her. The bond between brother and sister is unique and real. Both brother and sister wore new clothes on the festival of Raksha Bandhan. On this occasion, the families cook delicious food, sweet and special dishes for sister and brother. It celebrates the bond of love and caring between brother and sister.

Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated on the day of the full moon day of the Shravan month in the Hindu calendar. It mostly occurs in August month. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult brothers and sisters of all ages celebrate Raksha Bandhan. A thread of love ( a bracelet) is tied on to the brother’s wrist by the sister. The Rakhi shows the symbol of security protection and love between brother and sister. Everyone shares sweets and celebrates with the families on this special holiday.

The thread is a simple bracelet but it has a deep meaning about brother and sister love protection and the bond of protection between them. This festival celebrating Raksha Bandhan is from ancient times and has some mythological stories. The word Raksha Bandhan is derived from Sanskrit word which has deep meaning. The origin and the mythology of Raksha Bandhan start from 

RAJA BALI and GODDESS LAKSHMI (Vishnu Purana). This Story is Very Famous. The Raksha Bandhan festival started in ancient times. Raksha Bandhan day is called Shravani or Kajari Purnima in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh. The Rakhi festival day is celebrated as Pavitropana in Gujarat. Raksha Bandhan is the day where people perform grand Pooja or worship of their God lord Shiva.

Raksha Bandhan Essay in English 500 Words

Rakhi festival is an indication of a sister’s love that stays with brothers continuously. On this day Tasty dishes, sweets, etc are cooked at everyone’s home. Family members and relatives exchange gifts with well wishes. At this festival, the brother goes to the sister’s home to take her for the rakhi festival and the sister ties rakhi to him on Raksha Bandhan and it’s come to the brother’s home for the festival celebration.

What is RAKHI?

Rakhi is a bracelet made up of thread and mixed necklet together. During Raksha Bandhan sisters traditionally tie a special thread called rakhi to their brother’s wrist to celebrate a brother-sister day with full of joy. The Brother promises always to take care of and protect his sister. The Rakhi bracelet is considered a holy bracelet. Rakhi is made up of cotton thread or silk thread. In Indian tradition, the breakup thread Rakhi is considered stronger than an iron chain as it strongly binds brother and sister on the border of mutual love and trust.

Raksha Bandhan Day

On this special day sister wake up early and wear traditional clothes and make some sweet with her hands for her brother. Sister prepares the pooja thali with Kumkum, Diya rice, sweet, and Rakhi. After that sister tied Rakhi to her brother’s wrist and applied a tikka on his forehead and fed sweet to the brother. Brother gives the gift in return to his sister and promises to take care and protect her from every problem. On this day there is a variety of gifts and sweets present in the market. There are different types of Rakhi present in the market like beads, silk, gold, thread, ribbon, silver thread, crystal, and pearls.

Raksha Bandhan’s Famous Story

One of the most famous story of Raksha Bandhan is Krishna and Draupadi from history. Once Krishna’s finger was cut during a fight with Shishupal (an evil king). At that time the Draupadi tore off her saree and wrapped it on Krishna’s finger. Due to this Draupadi’s Sisterly loving acts, Krishna promised to take care and protect her from any difficulty.

What Does Rakha Bandhan Sign To Us?

The rakhi is a holy thread symbol of love between sister and brother. Traditional belief states that it strengthens and protects brother and sister by securing them from danger. That’s why sister and brother pray for each other’s well-being. The interesting fact is that Raksha Bandhan concurs with Yajurveda Upakarma (thread change ceremony), Gayatri Jayanti (Birth Anniversary of God Gayatri), Hayagriva Jayanti( Birth Anniversary of Lord Hayagriva And Lord Vishnu), and Narali Purnima festival.

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is made from two words ‘Raksha’ and ‘Bandhan’ and the Raksha word is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘raksika’ which means ‘to protect’ and Bandhan means to ‘tie’. So basically the two-word Raksha Bandhan is defined as tying a rakhi for the protection of a sister.

Importance of Raksha Bandhan Festival 

The main goal of this festival is to build up and strengthen the love bond between brother and sister which have a holy relationship bond. Raksha Bandhan has been celebrated long period we can say from ancient times in Hindu Mythology. Raksha Bandhan is believed celebrated among Gods too.

Raksha Bandhan Essay in English 1000 Words

The celebration of the grand festival tradition of Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of unity. Raksha Bandhan rakhi is the biggest festival celebrated by the Hindu religion all over the world. Raksha Bandhan is the festival of love and full of Joy for brothers and sisters. Rakhi festival mostly happen in area of Northern and western areas of India, but nowadays people are celebrating all over the country the love of brother and sisters. The way festivals are celebrated in India is different, but the motive of the festival is the same to enjoy life happily.


In our country, all the states celebrate Raksha Bandhan with various names mostly the northern and western parts of our country which celebrate the biggest festival of brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan has different importance in the coastal and Southern areas. The festival Rakhi is a celebration of the holy bond of love between brother and sister. In western States Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, and Karnataka States people celebrate as Narial Purnima. Here Rakhi festival is the beginning of the new season for people who depend on sea business. The festival is also called Shravani or kajari Purnima in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand.

On this day sister wakes up early and where new clothes and makes a worship plate with Diya, rice, rakhi, and sweets which are made by the sister or the buyer from the market. Various types of Rakhi and sweets are available in the market. The sisters tie rakhi on the brother’s wrist apply Tika on her forehead and feed some sweets with her hand. Also, the brother gives some money to the sister as a gift. in this way the festival happens. And mostly the family where make delicious food at home all are happy in the house.

Meaning Of Rakhi 

In This Era, Rakhi is a simple five-letter word but it has deep meaning. As we grow the bond between siblings or family members is very strong and the Strong bond comes from this rakhi festival. This rakhi is a simple thread-like bracelet but it’s very important in our life it has deep love, care, and deep meaning across siblings and families.

Why do we Celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

It has another level of happiness around people. During this day get holidays from school and college. This Festival Brings happiness to families and in our surroundings. The deep meaning of Raksha Bandhan is ‘Raksha’ means ‘Protection’ and Bandha means ‘Bond’ It’s overall called a Bond of Protection or Bond of love between siblings and family members. This special day is only celebrated for happiness and to grow love, caring, and the paratha from ancient times.

Why do we call Raksha Bandhan a Love Bond Between Brother and Sister?

As we know this festival has been run since ancient times and God also Celebrate this festival. The reason behind what we call the ‘Bond Of Protection’ is we grow from childhood to adult The bond between siblings is unique and as we grow up the love bond, and caring bond is increased, and helping each other in every situation is the first priority of both siblings. This Bond is never broken bond and have increasing level of love between brother and sister. This festival brings smiles on siblings or family members and to our country’s people too. Raksha Bandhan is a precious bond between brother and sister.

Origins of Raksha Bandhan Festival

The most important story of Lord Krishna and Draupadi. The story starts when Lord Krishna cuts sugarcane for God, then accidentally gets hurt by a knife on his finger and blood is out from his finger. Seeing this, Rani Rukmani ordered some cloth for the wound on Krishna’s finger, and in the same place Draupadi also preset. When Drupadi saw that Lord Krishna was bleeding with a finger, immediately tore a piece of saree and tied it on Krishna’s blooding finger. seeing this Krishna took a pledge to protect her from every problem.

After many years Draupadi is in trouble or we can say in a problem when Kauravas try to insult and strip her clothes Our Lord Krishna helps her to save her respect and life. This is a mythological story on Raksha Bandhan. This festival has been run since ancient times and its motive is to spread unity and oneness among the people belonging to various religious communities.

What is Rakhi Called Or Meaning of Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan?

Rakhi is a thread-like bracelet that is made by a sister or she buys this holy bracelet from the market. During this special day on the Raksha Bandhan festival, a sister ties a holy or sacred rakhi to his brother on her right wrist feeds sweet from her hand, and does pooja of her brother with Pooja thali with a tilak on the forehead of the brother. In return brother gives a gift of chocolate to his sister and promises to take care of her and and please for protecting her from every 

Food served on Raksha Bandhan

As we know Indian Festival, Celebration and Food Go Hand-in-Hand From Ancient time. Here are some popular dishes we can see at the Rakhi festival.

1)Kheer: It is the dish that we can see all people make this dish on every occasion. the people of the country make this dish to serve with this celebration. it is rich in milk and special ‘sevya’ and some sweet to better taste.

2)Moong Daal Halwa: It is the 2nd special dish to be served with this celebration. It is rich in ‘ghee’ or ‘Dalda’. It is made from moong daal moong daal is grind with special equipment from in fine powder and made from ‘Ghee.

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