Shivaji Jayanti Speech in English

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Shivaji Jayanti Speech in English 300 words

Good morning everyone.

Today is the Jayanti of Shivaji, a very heroic and beloved historical figure. I am happy to share about him on this auspicious occasion of Shivaji Jayanti. His full name is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He was born on 19th February 1630 in Maharashtra. He has learned many fighting techniques from childhood, which helped him win many battles. He is known as one of the greatest Indian warriors. He was very innovative and known for his unique strategies in war.  He was very fearless, courageous, and determined. In his childhood, he always heard Hindu texts from his mother and strongly believed in Hinduism. 

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From childhood, he wanted to do something for Hindus and saw that Muslims were not doing good with Hindus. At that time, india was ruled by Muslims, and he decided to fight for Hindus and bring freedom to them. He was involved in many battles and won. One of the battles is the battle of Pratapgad. This battle was held on 10 November 1659. Due to this battle, Shivaji rise to power. He formed the Maratha dynasty and decided to expand it. He started fighting for his dynasty and tried everything to expand it. He also loves nature, and he established many parks and wildlife reserves. He was a kind person and always helped needy people. Shivaji died on 3 April 1680. There is no exact information about his death as there are a lot of myths about this.

Shivaji Jayanti Speech in English
Shivaji Jayanti Speech in English

In conclusion, he was an inspiration for many. He was a great ruler and a great person. He has done a lot for Hindus. From his life journey, we learn that we should focus on our goals and work hard to achieve them, and we should always be available for people’s welfare. From today we should walk in the footstep of Shivaji and make our country a better place. 

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Shivaji Jayanti Speech in English 500 words

Good morning to all

Today is Chhatrapati Shivaji maharaja’s jayanti. On this special occasion, I am here to say a few words about him. This day is celebrated as a Shivaji janayati to celebrate his birth anniversary. He was born on 19 February 1630. His father’s name is Shahaji Bhosale, and his mother’s name is Jijabai Bhosale. He belongs to a Hindu family and grew up in a house where her mother read aloud the Hindu texts. He truly believes in the Hindu religion and has always wanted to do something for Hindus. 

His mother and administrator, Dadoji Kond Deo, brought him up and taught him horse riding, archery, and patta. Shivaji learned his amazing fighting techniques from Dadoji Kond Deo. who was with him after his father left them for his second wife. Shivaji has done eight marriages. His first wife was Saibai. The other wives were Soyarabai, Kashibai Jadhav, Putalabai, Sakvarbi Gaikwad,  Mohite, Palkar, and Sangunabai. He has one son and three daughters. His first wife died very early due to illness. 

He was a very courageous ruler. He always helped needy people. From his childhood, he had faith in the Hindu religion. When he was 15, he decided to do something for the Hindus because india was ruled by a Muslim ruler, and they saw that Muslims were suppressed and there was no importance to Hindus. So he decided to fight for the freedom of Hindus. 

He founded the Maratha dynasty and was involved in many wars to expand his kingdom. One of the battles is the battle of Pratapgad. This battle was held on 10 November 1659. Due to this battle, Shivaji rise to power. Bijapur general Afzal Khan was killed at the Battle of Pratapgarh by Shivaji. This killing was a major victory for him. Shivaji decided to send the emissary to Afzal Khan, in which he mentioned that he wanted a peace talk, and everyone agreed on it. But during the peace talk, he was attacked by Sayyed Banda, but he had his trusted bodyguard who came to rescue him.

Another battle he fought very courageously was the battle of Kolhapur. It was held on 28 December 1659. Both parties had an equal number of soldiers in this battle, but Shivaji used his tactics to win this battle. He succeeded in a large territory.  Shivaji died on 3 April 1680. There is no exact information about his death, as many myths about this exist. Some believe that he died due to sickness. Some claim his second wife killed him by poisoning him. But all of this is only myths.

Ultimately, Shivaji was a great ruler and inspiration for many. He won many battles in his life. He formed the Martha dynasty and expanded it. He has spiritual beliefs and is always available for needy people. He fought for the freedom of Hindus. He died for no clear reason. People will always remember him for his kindness and strength. 

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