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1 Minute speech on Constitution Day 

We have come together here on November 26 to remember and honor the day in 1949 when our country’s constitution was agreed to sign. The Constitution of our country is the best way to protect against all kinds of crime, and it also gives Indians the power and rights that are theirs. It shows the Indian government, society, and each citizen what they need to do to seek perfection in their actions as a group and as individuals.

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2 Minute speech on Constitution Day 

Simply put, the Constitution is the most important law in any country. It is in charge of making laws that everyone in that country is required to follow. The constitution also says what the basic rights of each citizen are. So, making a constitution is not an easy thing to do.

So, it is the job of the constitution to keep the country in order and work for peace, justice, and equality. So, it keeps things in balance. It’s important to know that the Indian Constitution is the world’s longest. The original English version of the Constitution has 1,17369 words. It has also been changed many times, and it now protects the basic rights of every Indian citizen.

Speech on Constitution Day
Speech on Constitution Day

3 Minute speech on Constitution Day 

I’d like to say “Jai Hind” and send a very warm greeting to all of the respectable men who are here. I’d like to use this chance to talk about the history of India’s constitution. Our constitution was finally put into effect on November 26, 1949. Our constitution, says how our country should be run. It gives each person in India different rights, some of which are very important and don’t exist in other countries.

When it first came out, our constitution gets a lot of hate, which is an interesting fact you should know. Our constitution was made with the help of a lot of other people, each of whom made important contributions. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who was in charge of the council that wrote the constitution, will always be remembered by them.

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Short speech on Constitution Day 300 words

Constitution Day is a national holiday in India that takes place every year on November 26. This holiday is held on November 26 to respect the day that India’s constitution was signed. Law Day is another name for Constitution Day. Constitution Day can also be referred to by the name Samvidhan Diwas.

Dr. BR Ambedkar held this position and is also known as the “Father of the Constitution.” On November 26, 2015, which was the 125th anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar’s birth, our current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, made November 26 Constitution Day in India. This was done to honor Dr. Ambedkar’s life and work.

The main goal of Constitution Day is to recognize and honor the importance of India’s founding constitution, which is why the holiday was made in the first place. On this day, we remember the death of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, who many people think was the most important person in writing our constitution. Today is also the date that he was born. India is a free nation that follows the principles of being liberal, moral, progressive, and a republic, according to its constitution. It tries to make Indian people feel like they are all part of the same family while also making sure they have access to justice, equality, and freedom.

The country’s constitution explains in detail the political code, formation, process, powers, and tasks of each of India’s government bodies. The constitution is the guidebook for all of these parts of government. The country’s constitution was written in 1950, and it has been changed many times since then. The written constitution of India is a lot longer than the written constitution of any other country. In terms of their relationship with the government, Indian citizens have basic rights, basic principles, and duties that are written down in the Indian Constitution. 

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