Stepping into 2047 Essay 400 Words

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Stepping into 2047 Essay 400 Words


At the time of its independence from British rule in 1947, India was categorized as a ‘third-world’ country. India gained independence in 1947, and seventy-five years later, the country’s economy has transformed as it aims to join the $5 trillion club. Its GDP has increased from Rs 2.7 lakh crore to Rs 150 lakh crore during the last seven decades. This is no doubt a great achievement!

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Considering this, we can now predict how rapidly India will change in the following years. Let us know any more facts that will undoubtedly place India on the list of developed countries.

Improved HDI Metrics

On HDI metrics, India has achieved steady progress. For example, in India, life expectancy at birth (one of the HDI sub-metrics) has increased from roughly 40 years in 1947 to around 70 years currently.

stepping into 2047 essay 400 words
stepping into 2047 essay 400 words


The new infrastructure

The Modi government has attempted to modify this nation by introducing initiatives such as “Smart Cities” and “Make in India.” The government is working to create a modern mass rapid transit system. Cities with modern metro train systems include Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kochi. The introduction of bullet trains and other ambitious projects would result in rapid economic growth, which will eventually lead to India becoming a developed country.

Due to its uncomplicated international relationships

As the country’s economy and foreign trade strengthen in the next years, India may finally receive what it has been requesting for a long time: a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. It would be India’s most significant diplomatic achievement.

Efficient educational system

India and China both produce half a million graduates, in comparison to the US. A large proportion of the 500,000 is Indian graduates. As a result, India has the second largest English-speaking population among English-speaking countries. India’s education system has shown to be considerably superior to China’s! Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) is a worldwide recognized educational institution that produces a great number of engineers and IT professionals. It is estimated that India is currently the second-largest producer of engineers, scientists, and doctors. India features one of the world’s largest higher education systems, with roughly 1,000 institutions and 40,000 colleges spread across the country. India has made tremendous progress in education enrollment at all three levels — elementary, secondary, and tertiary.

The increased progress in education shows that by 2047 India will be one of the developed countries. All of the factors mentioned indicate that India will reach enormous heights before the year 2047.

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