Strategies to Promote Cleaner Greener and Bluer Future Essay 700 Words

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Strategies to Promote Cleaner Greener and Bluer Future Essay 700 Words

Addressing our urgent environmental challenges has become essential in our quickly changing world. A future with more resources available, sustainability, and a lower carbon footprint reflects overall environmental development. With improved economic activity, cutting-edge infrastructure, and private and public sector investment, jobs will be created on a greener earth. The goal of a greener future is to improve the environment while fostering new types of infrastructure, employment, skills, and technology. People will systematically follow the other areas if the policies are improved. 

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“Green” refers to a society that sustainably manages and conserves its natural resources, such as its forests, lands, and oceans, in order to enhance livelihoods and guarantee food security. In this world, maintaining healthy ecosystems boosts all of the economic benefits associated with the activities they support. 

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“Clean” refers to a low-pollution, low-emissions world where people can live healthy, fulfilling lives thanks to cleaner air, water, and oceans. It is a world where access is prioritized in development strategies, allowing rural women to stop spending their days carrying wood, and where low-emission, climate-smart options are available for agriculture, transport, energy, and urban development. Cleaner production standards encourage innovation, and business is urged to create green technologies that support sustainable growth and create jobs. 

More than 70% of our planet’s surface is covered by seas and oceans, making it appear “blue” when we talk about sustainability, the green, low-carbon economy, with efficient resource use and social inclusion. This is where the blue economy, which views the oceans and seas as engines of development and innovation for sustainable and successful economic growth, comes into play. When it comes to making a contribution to a green recovery, the blue economy as a whole has tremendous potential. 

Strategies to Promote Cleaner Greener and Bluer Future Essay 700 Words
Strategies to Promote Cleaner Greener and Bluer Future Essay 700 Words

Using renewable energy and recycling methods

The two main environmental issues we are currently dealing with are climate change and global warming. Burning fossil fuels and increasing greenhouse gas emissions are to blame for an unbalanced ecological balance and environmental pollution. We must therefore keep varying our energy sources. Solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and hydroelectric power are examples of clean energy sources that we should choose because they don’t emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

Select organic

You can reduce your negative impact on the environment and wildlife by buying organic products like fruit, coffee, and clothing. In the US, pesticide sales exceed 2 billion pounds each year. The survival and recovery of hundreds of federally listed species are in danger due to the widespread use of pesticides in fish and wildlife habitats. In addition to contaminating the food we eat, pesticides also pollute the soil, water, and air. If you garden, grow organically to avoid pesticides at home. By cultivating native, pollinator-friendly plants and removing invasive species, you can create a wildlife habitat in your yard that will draw beneficial insects and help deter pests. By choosing organic, you protect farm workers, vulnerable communities, wildlife, and your family by keeping harmful pesticides out of our land and water. 

Save water

Be water savvy. It is very important that we conserve the water, because due to increase in population, there is also an increase in the demand of water supply. You can conserve water by taking shorter showers, fixing leaky toilets, and choosing low-flow and low-water appliance options. Moreover, animal agriculture is one of the biggest consumers of water, so cutting back on your intake of meat and dairy can also help you save water. 

Reduce your carbon footprint 

Forests are the perfect filters because they take in carbon from the atmosphere as they produce food and keep the ecosystem in balance. We should be more cautious about unintentional tree cutting if we want to lessen our carbon footprint on the environment.  The environment will eventually be in balance once the world is green and pure.


It is our duty to properly care for the environment if we want to keep it cleaner and greener. Therefore, we should be more aware and cautious when using natural resources. 

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