The Earth does not Belong to us; We Belong to the Earth Essay

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Essay on The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth Essay 500 words


Man does not belong to the earth; rather, the earth belongs to man, and this is a fact. As in a family all the members are tied by blood, just like that in this world everything is interconnected. So whatever happens to the Earth also happens to its sons, i.e., humans. As Principal Seattle Kindly has said, “The human race is only a thread in the fabric of life; he did not create it.

Whatever he does, he also does to himself and to the web”. The aforementioned remark should act as a reminder of and show respect for the dream of a pollution free and healthy environment. We have always kept in mind to use the resources of the earth with care, and there is no other way to put the idea into words.

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Balancing Our Impact: The Essence of ‘Consume with Care

The question that arises in our minds is: Is it really possible to consume Earth’s resources with care? While many of the 7 billion ordinary people may want to acknowledge that they owe their existence to the planet and should, therefore, consume only what they need to survive without compromising the environment or the needs of others, for this purpose there is also a slogan called Consume with Care, which aims at the group of people and companies that are using the resources of the earth only for the purpose of making profit;

The Earth does not Belong to us; We Belong to the Earth Essay
The Earth does not Belong to us; We Belong to the Earth Essay

they want us to buy a lot of things irrespective of the fact that they are polluting the environment and harming the earth. The slogan means that we should always be careful in our actions towards the environment. It is important to think about our resources and use them in a way that does not harm the environment.

Protecting Our Planet

As the big industries with high technological advancements are destroying our environment with overutilization of resources, the notion of protecting our planet should also be mainstreamed to those sectors that hold technology and tend to destroy resources rather than utilize them responsibly since Mother Earth is losing her foundational species at a rate of about 50 per day and those people who consider themselves to be at the forefront of knowledge and highly equipped with advanced technology should make an effort to alter their ecologically detrimental conduct toward the planet’s generosity to humans and other creatures.


For the conservation of our earth and its ecosystem, we must hope to persuade local people, authorities, and business management to support nature-based solutions like using renewable energy, biogas, and many other things that reduce pollution.

There are also several green leaders corporate award campaigns organized to increase social responsibility to address these issues. We must have to take more necessary steps, whether through the intervention of any government body in protecting the environment and earth or by taking single and simple steps individually with a motto to consume with care, not only for us but also for wildlife protection and research on fragile ecosystem restoration.

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