The Essay that Made My English Professor Cry 

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The Essay that Made My English Professor Cry 

Death is an irreversible event that causes great suffering for those left behind to grieve. TikTok users are in tears after seeing a teenager’s heartbreaking essay, which has gone viral. After losing her mother to cancer when she was 18 years old, Ryan Harmann wrote a heartbreaking essay. A young woman’s moving essay about losing her mother beautifully captured the depth of love, loss, and resiliency they felt in their final moments together. On TikTok, Ryan Harman posted the essay she wrote for her English class and claimed it made her professor cry.

The details about her mother’s death

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Harman began her tragic tale by revealing that her mother had been given a sarcoma cancer diagnosis in January 2021. Harman recalled that her mother had made it a goal to be present for her children’s graduation and prom at the time. The TikToker stated: “She never asked the doctors for a life expectancy because she wanted to spend as much time as possible with her husband, her three children, and herself.“My mother set out with the intention of witnessing me attend my senior prom and walk across the stage with my sister, Madeline, at graduation.

She succeeded in both endeavors. “On May 26, 2022, I walked across that stage at graduation, with my mom in a wheelchair watching proudly,” Ryan recalled the experience. I was eager to return home and tell my family about my week because “the first step I took on that stage, I felt her overwhelming amount of love and knew she was so proud and that was all that mattered in that moment.” As opposed to that, my father sat my two older siblings and I down and informed us that our mother wasn’t doing well and that he was very concerned when I got home,” she writes. And continues, “I recall texting Madeleine, my sister, and asking ‘Is Mom going to die?'” She said yes in response.

The Essay that Made My English Professor Cry 
The Essay that Made My English Professor Cry

The family bid last goodbye

hey treasured every moment they had left with her and spent it as a family. For the following few weeks, my mum was in and out of consciousness, and days began to blend together, said Ryan. Her mother has been in hospice care for 4.5 weeks as of this writing. When the mother eventually passed away, Ryan describes the difficult process of saying goodbye and dealing with the fallout. When she learned that her mother had passed away, she wrote: “I had never felt a true heartbreak and such emptiness ever.”

The entire world wept

Ryan only got positive feedback after posting the essay on TikTok. There have been more than 20,700 positive comments. You’re so brave, someone said as I broke down in tears. Your mother must be so thrilled with you. I was just crying, someone else said. It’s great, and my condolences are extended for your loss. Someone else commented, “I cried so much, it’s so good. While watching Ryan’s teacher read the heartfelt essay, viewers on TikTok also experienced emotional outbursts. Someone commented, “I can’t stop crying.” Another person cried out, “I’m sobbing.”


Harman wrote, “My heart shattered into a million pieces” when she realized she would soon lose her mother as her mother’s condition deteriorated. Harman recalled feeling “relief” when her mother finally passed away because “my mom passed away just the way she wanted to and I knew she wasn’t in pain anymore.” She had been by her mother’s side almost constantly in the final stages of her illness.

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