The Essay that Made My English Teacher Cry

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The Essay that Made My English Teacher Cry

A teen named Ryan Harman gained notoriety on TikTok after posting an essay that made her English teacher cry as well as the community at large. Ryan Harman’s post was one of many that made the platform go viral. A pen is a useful tool, though, if you want your teachers to cry. Ryan Harman did this after submitting a personal essay. She also made the decision to post it on TikTok.

What was the essay related to?

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Ryan Harman, a recent West Virginia University graduate who just finished her first year of college, uploaded an essay she wrote for English class to TikTok and claimed it moved her teacher to tears. She detailed how her mother’s condition deteriorated shortly after she had graduated from high school and how she had spent the subsequent few months by her mother’s side. Ryan decided to write an essay about her mom, who died in 2022 after a battle with cancer. She explains the heart-wrenching and tragic story of her mother passing away from cancer when she was just 18 years old. 

The struggle and tough time faced by her

When Ryan graduated from high school in May 2022 and her mother was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, the essay that brought her English teacher to tears began.She lost a different aspect of herself every day starting the day she was diagnosed. She was the best mother anyone could ask for—she was strong, resilient, loving, and caring. Her mother was able to witness her graduate in a wheelchair, which was a huge accomplishment considering she rarely left the house. After that, Ryan went on a week-long beach vacation with all of her closest friends. Throughout her absence, Ryan texted her mother to update her on everything that had happened. She became very concerned when her mother stopped answering all of her texts and FaceTime calls on Friday.

When her mother’s condition became more worst

Her father informed her when she got home that things had gotten worse and they had visited the hospital where they received some unfavourable news. She entered hospice care after the tumours grew quickly and her spine had collapsed to 75% of its original size; she never got out of bed again. “I was in shock for the first few days after she entered hospice care. When I was only 18, I didn’t think my mother would pass away, the heartbreaking essay claims.

She described the subsequent weeks as her “heart shattered into a million pieces” as she tried to make the most of their remaining moments together.The most painful part of the book is when Ryan explores her mother’s agonising death and the “emptiness” she felt.

The entire world cried

After publishing the essay on his TikTok, Ryan only received positive feedback. Over 20,700 comments have been left in appreciation. I’m crying so hard right now, you’re so brave, someone said. I’m sure your mother is incredibly proud of you. Someone else remarked, “I was just crying. It’s wonderful, and I’m so sorry for your loss. A third person wrote, “I cried so much, it’s so good. TikTok is in tears. People on TikTok have also been overcome with emotion while watching Ryan’s teacher read the moving essay. A commenter said, “I can’t stop crying.” “I’m sobbing,” a third person said. Another person remarked, “This has me ugly crying right now.” Others who have lost parents themselves are consoling her and offering their condolences, as well as saying how proud Ryan’s mother would be of her.


Every day, Harman tries to live up to her mother’s expectations and expresses her gratitude for having the best Angel watching over her. More than 13 million people have watched her video as of this writing, giving it nearly 2 million likes and more than 45,000 comments, one of which read: “Your English teacher is not the only one that cried.”This is incredibly well written. The video has received more than 882,500 likes and more than six million views in just two days, and for good reason.

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The Essay that Made My English Professor Cry 

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