Tourism in Manipur Essay, Essay on Tourism in Manipur

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Tourism in Manipur Essay 100 words

Manipur is a land of friendly people who are full of laughter and joy. It is a land that is made of rich valleys that are surrounded by lovely hills and lakes. There are many legends that attempt to explain where Manipur came from. There is a story that says that while Krishna was dancing Ras with Radha and the Gopis, he asked Shiva to keep watch so that he wouldn’t get caught.

The Meities, often popularly known as Manipuris, are a unique people group with their own culture and history. Its ancient book gives up the story of the Meitei society, including their festivals, traditions, practices, and religious beliefs, as well as their art, culture, and vast literature.

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Tourism in Manipur Essay 200 words

The name Manipur directly means “Jewelled City.” A name that is worthy of the compact and beautiful land…with attractions such as Loktak lake and Kangla fort, amongst others. Manipur is also well-known for the elegance of its scenic beauty. The Indian state of Manipur can be found in the country’s far northeast.

The winter months and the first few weeks of summer are ideal times to go sightseeing in Manipur. September through April are the best months to go to the location that you have chosen. The most well-known dish in Manipur is called kaang-hou. And there are a lot of different travel options open to you if you want to go to Manipur. And this city is helping to the growing attraction of India.

Despite the fact that most of the burden of work is carried by women, this community is the male line. Earning is a joint responsibility between men and women, and women are no longer relegated only to house tasks. The household functions as a true social unit, and the family head or lady is responsible for carrying out some compulsory religious duties. Their houses include a man, his wife, and their children who have not yet married.

Tourism in Manipur Essay
Tourism in Manipur Essay

Tourism in Manipur Essay 300 words

The Indian state of Manipur, also known as the “Switzerland of India,” is a great vacation spot for people who take comfort in spending time in natural settings. Manipur, which can be found in the northeastern part of India and is defined by its truly beautiful blue hills, has an amazing ability to capture one’s spirit. 

The name itself means “A jeweled land,” and it is fitting that the state was regarded as the “Jewel of India” by the late Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the first Prime Minister of an independent India. The state is wealthy in every meaning of the word, be it in terms of the natural beauty of the country or the rich cultural traditions of the people who live there.

Kangla Kangla, as the historical symbol of Manipur Rulers and the people of Manipur as well as the historical center of Manipur’s authority till 1891, holds a significant position in the hearts and minds of the people of Manipur. The Govindajee temple, as well as the surrounding and inner castles and other monuments, are ideal reflections of the rich art and culture that Manipur has, as well as her history.

The Sadu Chiru Waterfall is a lovely location that is well-known for the constant waterfall that can be seen in the area of a scenic foothill. There are three different points of interest from which to enjoy the waterfall. This is a brand-new tourist spot that only recently opened.

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Tourism in Manipur Essay 500 words


The beautiful and culturally significant state of Manipur may be found in northeast India and is only a few hundred square miles in size. It is expected that many people from different parts of the world will visit them because of their rich history and unique traditions. Their religious practices and beliefs have long been able to attract visitors from other countries. As a result, a small room such as this one deserves to be appreciated and explored.


In many ways, Yaosang is similar to Holi, which is often regarded as Manipur’s most significant holiday celebration. Participation in the festival and general joy are encouraged among the locals. In recent years, the celebratory energy has been directed towards sporting activities in order to find talents at the ground zero levels. The Kut festival is a celebration that takes place in Manipur among the Kuki, the Chin, and the Mizo people. The first of November is set aside for this celebration, which is held in thanksgiving for a good harvest.

Manipuris eat mainly rice as their primary feed ingredient for their diet. The dish known as Kabok is one of their favorites; it consists of rice that has been fried together with a variety of veggies. Ngri is a type of raw food that has a very identifiable fragrance, and the people of Manipur are huge fans of the dish. 

They are most excited about kangshoi and ooti. It just so happens that lonchak, which is actually a bean, is their most beloved vegetable. Iromba is a type of pickled dish that consists of a mixture of fish, vegetables, and bamboo shoots.


Women of the Meitai tribe sew a type of fabric known as Kanap Phanek. This fabric features a variety of patterns throughout. Traditional Manipuri dress also includes the ‘Lai-Phi’ and the ‘Chin-Phi,’ both of which are pronounced the same. The most frequent head covering worn by men is a white turban known as a Pagri. In today’s world, when traditional culture is being replaced by modern society, people only wear traditional clothing when participating in religious or cultural religious practices or festivals.


The people of Manipur consider dance to be an essential part of their culture, while those in public enjoy it because of the lyrical beauty and musical difficulty of the performances.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the northeastern states have a high amount of people who work in creative industries, but it is interesting to note that their approach to their trade is quite unique in comparison to that of the rest of the country. It is believed to be one of the greatest makers of bamboo crafts in India, and it is where a variety of decorative goods, such as sofa sets, stools, mats, basketry, and flower vases, are made.


Allow the vast and famous royal history of Manipur to serve as an inspiration for your travels as you explore the state and follow in the footsteps of past kings and common people in Manipur. As you do so, follow in the footsteps of those who came before you.



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