Water Pollution Essay in English

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Water Pollution Essay 100 Words

The basis of all life on earth is water. Life on earth would not be possible without water, or to be more precise, without clean, safe water. It is estimated that water makes up 97.5% of the earth’s total volume, and now you might assume that there is still plenty of it.

The catch is that 97.5% of it is salt water, which is primarily found in oceans and which we do not use on a daily basis. Water pollution is a serious problem that could have disastrous effects on people, plants, and animals. We must recognize the importance of water in our lives and the necessity of protecting it.

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Water Pollution Essay 200 Words

When a body of water—such as a river, lake, ocean, etc.—becomes polluted as a result of human activity or a natural cause, the term “water pollution” is used. Water pollution is now a significant environmental issue that requires responsible management. On the planet, fresh water is extremely scarce, and pollution is making it even more so. We lose millions of liters of fresh water each year due to pollution from industries and other sources.

Pollutants include both large and small pieces of obvious trash as well as intangible, dangerous, and toxic chemicals. Many industries are located close to water sources, and they transport their waste thereby using fresh water. This industrial waste is poisonous by nature and endangers both the flora and fauna’s health. People in the communities close to polluted water bodies have been seen to have serious skin, respiratory, and occasionally even life-threatening other illnesses.

Urban waste and sewage are other major contributors to water pollution. Each household generates tonnes of waste every year, which includes plastic, wood, chemicals, and other substances. This waste reaches our water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, and streams, and pollutes them in the absence of an effective waste disposal system. If we want the earth to be green, healthy, and teeming with life, we must stop water pollution.

Essay on Water Pollution in English (water pollution essay for class 10)


When external pollutants get into naturally clean and safe water sources, water pollution happens. Water pollution is now a painful reality as a result of increasing human intervention and the growth of urban areas. Avoiding Water Pollution is very important for the survival of living beings on this planet.

Water Pollution Essay
Water Pollution Essay

Sources of Water Pollution 

There are numerous causes of water pollution, and almost all of them are brought on by human activity. Industries discharge millions of gallons of hazardous smoke and waste materials into the atmosphere, waterways, and other natural resources. The majority of this industrial waste is dumped directly into water bodies without any sort of treatment.

Since the majority of industrial waste is toxic by nature, the water it enters becomes more toxic as a result. Additionally, waste plastic, chemicals, oils, metals, and other materials are included in the domestic waste that is produced every day in millions of households around the world. Most homes lack a proper system for disposing of waste, so the majority of waste is simply dumped.

Water pollution effects 

Both human health and the planet’s overall ecological balance are impacted by water pollution. Overall, it has an impact on every single living thing on the planet. Some effects of water pollution are listed below. 

About Human Health 

Human health is greatly impacted by water pollution. Millions of people worldwide are exposed to contaminated water of some kind, which has a serious negative impact on their health. According to studies, about a billion people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water. Every year, illnesses brought on by drinking contaminated water claim the lives of about 500,000 people.

Marine Life 

The main worry for marine life is water pollution. Many aquatic species suffer when water is contaminated. The population decline of fish, turtles, whales and several other aquatic species is attributed to water pollution.


One of the current environmental issues of greatest concern is water pollution. It affects not just human life but also the overall ecological balance. Additionally, it has an effect on the environment’s general health. Let’s work together and educate the people to stop this pollution.

Essay Water Pollution 500 Words

Water is plentiful on Earth. It exists on the Earth’s surface as well as below. On the surface of the Earth, there are many different types of water bodies, including rivers, ponds, seas, and oceans. Despite the fact that our planet has a capacity for water replenishment, we are gradually destroying and misusing the water supply. Despite the fact that 30% of the Earth’s surface is covered by land and 70% by water, humans and marine life are affected by the rapidly growing water contamination. The unequal distribution of water on Earth and the rising demand for it as a result of the expanding human population are starting to worry everyone.

The following are some crucial facts about water pollution: 

  • Approximately 70% of the waste generated by the industry is dumped into bodies of water. 
  • Around 80% of water pollution is caused by domestic sewage. 
  • Drinking contaminated water puts one at risk for serious illnesses like cholera and diarrhea. 
  • Every year, billions of pounds of plastic trash are dumped into the ocean. 
  • Globally, water pollution claims the lives of about 15 million children. 
  • There are 2.5 billion people who lack access to clean water for drinking. 
  • More than any other continent, Asia has the most rivers that are contaminated. 
  • One of the main factors contributing to the demise of many aquatic species is plastic.

Causes Of Water Pollution  

Water pollution has a variety of causes, but almost all of them are primarily the result of human activity. Below are some of the main causes of water pollution. 

Industrial Waste 

Toxic waste is released into nearby waterways by industries from all over the world. Mercury, lead, various acids and bases, hydrocarbons, and other toxic substances are all present in this waste. It has impurities that are both soluble and insoluble. 


Human sewage water also contains a variety of soluble and insoluble contaminants that contaminate water bodies. Many urban areas lack an efficient system for managing waste disposal, which results in water bodies being indiscriminately contaminated.

Management of Water Pollution 

It is possible to significantly reduce water pollution by educating people about its causes and effects on the environment and life. When a community or organization cleans up the waterways every week or at least once a month, people need to get involved in cleanup efforts. Strict legislation must also be developed and effectively implemented in order to completely eradicate water contamination. Strict regulation will boost accountability and possibly discourage individuals and organizations from polluting. We should all be conscious of what we do every day and take action to make the world a better place for the coming generations.


More people die from water pollution than from any other cause worldwide. It is past time for the world to take action and eliminate the threat of water pollution by implementing the necessary preventive measures. If we don’t take action, there won’t be any clean water left for us to drink, and that won’t solve the problem.

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