What Does Anne Write in Her First Essay

In order to avoid the Nazis during World War II, a Jewish girl named Anne Frank is defending herself. She describes the events that occurred during her period of darkness as well as her experiences in a diary. In addition, she and seven other people hide during World War II in the secret section on the Prinsengracht 263.

What Does Anne Write in Her First Essay

Because this is something she has never done before, she finds it strange and unusual that she would keep a diary. She believes that nobody will read in the future about a young girl’s experiences and events. Still, somehow she puts all her thinking and thoughts away and writes what she feels in her diary. 

Why did Annie made a diary?

Because she has no real friends with whom to converse, the author feels lonely. She thus created a diary with her friend and gave it the name Kitty. She wishes she had a friend at the time, but she actually thinks of her diary as a friend and gives it the name “Kitty.” She believes that the paper has a greater capacity to absorb thoughts than those who struggle with a lack of patience. Sometimes people don’t have the same patience as the writer of the diary, who used it to express her thoughts. She felt more secure and at ease with her diary than she did with other people.

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She enjoyed herself with her friends, but she didn’t give them anything. They are not her true friends, she is aware of this. She frequently mentions her father, who gave her this wonderful diary for her 13th birthday and who loved her the most. The real friend she can confide in, according to Anne, is this diary. She had a lot to say, but nobody would listen to her. She consequently feels lonely.

She acknowledges that she is the one with the most people in her life at that time, including loving parents, a sister who is sixteen, loving aunts, and close to 30 names of friends. However, she feels isolated because no one was available to listen to her at that particular time. She also admits that because she is having a good time and enjoying her time with her friends, she can’t be as honest with them as she is in this diary.

They don’t discuss emotions and feelings that they can share; instead, they only discuss common topics of interest such as daily events. She discovers that she can’t get close enough to anyone to fully confide her feelings, unlike in her diary. She preferred to continue keeping a diary because of this. In the two years recorded in her diary, Anne contends with imprisonment, deprivation, as well as the challenging issues associated with growing up during the Holocaust.

Her struggle to define herself in this pressure-filled environment is captured in her diary. On August 1, 1944, the beginning of what appears to be a typical day, Anne’s diary is silent. This leaves us hoping to find another entry on a subsequent page. However, on August 4, 1944, the Frank family is tricked by the Nazis and apprehended. A hasty and silent conclusion is reached in Anne’s diary, the submission of an imaginative, outgoing, marginally relevant, and somewhat normal teenage girl.


What Does Anne Write in Her First Essay
What Does Anne Write in Her First Essay


About her parents

Annie’s father waited until he was 36 and her mother was 25 before they got married. Margot, her sister, was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1926. She was created on June 12th, 1929.  They stayed in Frankfurt until she was four years old. Her mother followed him in September 1933 after her father left for Holland. Her grandmother, who lived in Aachen, took custody of the sisters after her parents abandoned them. As a birthday present for her sister Margot, Margot quickly accompanied her parents to Holland in December, and Anne did the same in February. This demonstrates the sisters’ close relationship. 

Annie and her school days

Anne finished her Montessori education there, where she continued to live until the sixth form. Mrs. Kuperus, her headmistress, sobbed during the farewell. The most difficult birthday for her was in 1941 because of her grandmother’s surgery; she passed away in 1942. She made up for the previous year’s birthday by adding another candle to honor her grandmother, whom she still loves and thinks of frequently.

So she writes in the diary, “20 June 1942, Grandma,” She mentioned how anxious her class was about their test results on June 20, 1942. The author claims that the only subject she has doubts about is maths and statistics. She and her friend attempted to stop the students from causing a disturbance while the teachers were away in a meeting to choose the students who would attend the next class, but in vain. Nine teachers, seven of whom were men and two of whom were women, were assigned to Anne. 

 Why was Anne punished in her class?

In class, Anne Frank had a habit of speaking. Her maths instructor was Mr Keesing. Anne’s constant talking in class irritated him. He repeatedly warned her, but it had no impact. He once gave her extra homework as punishment. She was asked to write an essay on the topic “A Chatterbox” for him. The essay was written by Anne, who used some hilarious justifications. 

How did Mr. Keesing react to Anne’s first essay?

She acknowledged the negative aspects of being talkative in the essay but claimed that her mother’s talkativeness had something to do with it. The habit was challenging to break, and it was a characteristic of students in general. Even Mr. Keesing laughed at her justification.

What does Anne write in her essay?

In order to get her to stop talking, Mr. Keesing made her write an essay on the topic of “A Chatterbox.” She acknowledged the negative effects of her talkativeness in the essay but contended that her mother’s talkativeness was a genetic trait. Since the habit was ingrained in students, it was challenging to break. The defense she presented was mocked by Mr. Keesing as well.

Anne says teachers are most unpredictable is Mr Keesing unpredictable how?

Anne thought Mr. Keesing might be described as unpredictable. He was initially very strict and made Anne write essays on subjects related to talking as punishment. He attempted to make fun of her in various ways in this manner. Every time Mr. Keesing assigned Anne a topic for her essay, she skillfully argued her points and effectively refuted his jokes. After Anne’s third write-up, he eventually developed a very lenient attitude towards her. After that, he never punished her and even let her speak in front of the class.

Why does Anne say that the poem was beautiful?

After she failed to change her nature, her teacher assigned another subject to her. The theme, an incorrigible chatterbox, suggests a style that is difficult to improve. She ran out of ideas because the professor gave her the same topic twice. She consents to write sarcastically about her third topic in the style of a poem. She seeks assistance from Sanne, a talented poet and friend. Quack, quack, quack, said Mistress Chatterbox in reference to her third topic.

Anne believed that her teacher was making fun of her by administering these punishments.  Fortunately, the professor ignores it. The writer continues to speak without interruption after the professor has read the entire poem aloud to the class. She described how a mother duck’s three ducklings were devoured by a father swan because they quacked more. Anne’s teacher appreciated this spirit in her because she was never reprimanded for continuing to do a good job speaking. After this exercise, she found his classes to be enjoyable. Anne thinks the poem is lovely because it was about a mother duck, a father swan, and three baby ducklings that the father had killed by biting them to death because they quacked too much.

What Does Anne Write in Her First Essay Chapter Summary

We can simply draw the conclusion that young students need someone to talk to from the story from The Diary of Anne Frank, English 10 class. The student needs a listening ear whenever they are happy or sad. This improves their mental fitness. Anne’s punishment serves as a reminder of how young students should be handled in order to make everything a learning experience, including caving into their demands for reward. The educational process ought to be enjoyable.

There is always a chance to create a good world, and Anne Frank served as a source of hope and inspiration for us. Anne was just a regular Jewish young woman. During the Holocaust, a German helped Anne and her family stay safe in his home in an annex. But Anne never gave up on optimism. During that time of the Holocaust, Anne was a person who held out a lot of hope.

She is a representation of our world both now and in the future. The diary demonstrates how a gloomy, depressed girl who needed someone to talk to, thus trying the patience of her friends, and who was otherwise bored and turning to the habit of keeping a diary, suddenly appears to transform into a responsible, assured, and hopeful person. Through the trials, her talkative tendencies help her people stay connected.

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