Winter Season Essay, Essay on My Favourite Season Winter

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Winter Season Essay 100 words

Winter is also called the cold season or the cold weather season. The season starts in December and lasts until March when the Holi festival is held. During the winter, the sun doesn’t get very hot, and the air is cool and pleasant all day long. When it’s cold, people sweat to get rid of it. And even though people work long hours, they don’t feel too tired.

As winter begins and the days go by, it gets colder and colder. When this happens, I always feel too lazy to get up early in the morning, and I always want to sleep for a little longer. Winters is one of my favourite seasons.

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Winter Season Essay 150 words

Most of the time, the days get shorter, and the nights get longer in the winter. Winter happens mostly when the earth moves away from the sun instead of toward it. This happens when the earth is at a certain distance from the sun. Because the sun’s rays don’t reach as far, its heat doesn’t reach the earth.

When winter comes, people don’t want to take baths over and over again. During the winter, machines like cooler fans and AC are not much used. And because of this, less bill comes. In a way, this saves both electricity and money, and winter comes everywhere at the same time. Winter is my favourite season because it is the one I spend the most time outside enjoying the peaceful environment and warm feel of the home.

Winter Season Essay
Winter Season Essay

Winter Season Essay 200 words

My friends and I live in the town, and on Sunday mornings in the winter, we get up early to go for a walk. In the morning, we just like to walk around since the weather is nice and there is fog all over everything. At times, the fog is so thick that we can’t see what’s right ahead of us. When it’s like this, walking feels like walking in a sky filled with clouds. Taking a walk in this winter season makes you happy in a different way.

Even though the sun is at the top, there is not a lot of heat in the air. The weather is nice, so it’s nice to go outside. During the winter, the environment changes in many ways. For example, trees start to lose their leaves and grow new ones. Fallen leaves around trees make them look pretty. There’s green grass everywhere, and it begins to feel like we’re surrounded by beautiful parks.

We wear a jacket to school when it’s cold, and going to class in the winter is fun because everybody plays with the steam from their mouths. When the cold gets worse, sleeping with two or three blankets is a different feeling. I enjoy this season very much.

Winter Season Essay 250 words

Winter is one of the most desired seasons due to its time of peace and quiet. This season starts in mid-November and ends in mid-March. But December and January are the coldest months in this season. Winter is a fun season for kids because they can play games like snowball fights. Also, we can watch our favourite tv shows while drinking tea or coffee and eating yummy meals. 

Cold weather evenings are the most fun, and people like to walk around and buy food from market stalls. Children enjoy their winter breaks by enjoying outside games in the sun. Well, people wait for the sun in the winter because they like to relax and have fun in the sun. After all, it makes them feel warm and comfortable. Sometimes the sun doesn’t even shine, and it gets too cold, leaving people frozen.

People do everything they can to stay warm and safe. For example, they burn wood and paper along the roads to get some heat and to feel better. Most hilly areas are covered in snow in the winter, and people have to clear it away to get to other places. In December, when Christmas and New Year’s are celebrated, there is also a feeling of celebration. But winter is terrible for animals and people who don’t have someplace warm to stay. Still, winter is an important part of the year and is needed to keep the world in balance.

Winter Season Essay 300 words


Winter is my favourite time of year, and even though we live in a country with all four seasons, it’s still my favourite. It starts after the fall season and ends when the spring season comes back. I really like the season because of how cold it is. We stay healthy and fit because of the season. In our country, this season lasts for about three months. During this season, days are short, and nights are long. 


Winter has a lot of celebrations, like Christmas, New Year’s, Holi, etc. At this time of year, help them farm their rice and grow things like cabbage, green peas, beans, and so on. In India, people often go on trips or travels with family or friends during the winter break.


This time of year, we wear clothes that are made of threads to keep our bodies warm. During the winter, when everything is covered in ice, hilly areas look amazing. Ice on anything is as lovely as pearls. When the sun comes up, flowers of all different colours grow, giving the picture a new look. The season is great, but it also has some issues. 


In the winter, it’s hard to go out at night. Even though winter in the United States is not as bad as it is in some other countries, it makes things harder for people who already have problems. They can’t buy the clothes they need, and some of them don’t even have their own homes. They have to sleep outside in the cold at night. We should do our best to help them by giving people who can’t afford warm clothes.


Some schools have bonfires, which are among the most awaited events of the year. In short, winter is just as important as any other time of year. It may have both negative and positive parts.

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Winter Season Essay 500 words


Generally, schools are closed for the season and take breaks during the winter. The days are getting shorter, but the nights are getting longer. The cool air in the morning makes you feel very different. During the winter, people usually enjoy hot drinks like tea and hot chocolate. The sun comes up very late, and sometimes it doesn’t rise at all.

Even when it does, it does not become a bit hot. People wait for a little bit of sunshine when the cold weather starts and chills their bones. People can be seen on the roads setting fire to wood and paper in hard work to get warm. Still, not many people like to go outside in the winter. They love nothing more than to spend the day sitting in front of the fireplace or the heater.


Even from the point of view of our society, the winter season holds a special and important place. By the time winter comes around, the rainy season is normally over. This means that rivers are at their best advantage, and the weather is perfect for getting out and discovering the area. People celebrate with their families and take part in other events, like Christmas and New Year’s, when the weather is nice. During this time of year, a lot of people take holidays and travel to different places.


But unfortunately, there are also some bad things about this time of year. People who work on the land, people who don’t have homes, and animals are the ones who suffer the most during this time of year. There are not many ways for farmers to make money during this time of year. Hundreds of people without homes die every year because of how harsh the winters are.

The animals die because they don’t have a safe place to live, which is important for their survival. During this time of year, a large number of flights are also forced to cancel for different reasons. Even so, winter is just as important as it would have been without this. Keeping the weather in our country in balance is a so very important thing to do.


Winter is the best season of the year for me. Fresh fruits and vegetables that are good for you are widely available this time of year. People can eat fresh grapes, apples, carrots, cabbage, and many other fruits and vegetables. Also, there are a lot of beautiful flowers at this time of year. This selection is made up of roses and other types of flowers. This makes the season’s natural beauty even more beautiful than it already is.


Different countries have created various ways of dealing with winter. It is difficult to say whether or not the result will be bad. To be effective, you need to plan properly yourself by doing the things required.


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